May 17, 2022

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34 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets Mary J Blige

  1. Wow 😬 yes more please! What’s up with ple saying she is gay. Thought jaguar said that and that she didn’t like B so that’s prolly why she hit Case. Lol. Sad that she has had so much bad luck with men.

  2. This women has survived the test of time in the industry & she’s seen and been through A LOT…… does her sister still work for her?

  3. I’m interested. I love me some MJB. Not to mentioned my cousin was one of the females KCi was seeing during that time.

  4. Weren’t Mary and Faith cool at first, then she got close with Kim and turned on Faith? I remember hearing because she understood better than anyone what Kim was going through due to her own man issues.
    I do want to know who would’ve won between Mary and Pepa though.

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