May 17, 2022

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26 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets Idris Elba 11/20/2021

  1. Damn…I will say this though.. he’s a bomb ass DJ! I’ve been to a couple of parties he did and I did not sit down one time!

  2. I love the fact that you reported how Kate Winslet really is. You should do one on her! And you should also do one on K Michelle there’s a lot out there and she’s lied a lot! Remember when she said she was seeing byte “swimmer” and he said nahhhhhh….

  3. More concerned about what happened to Anika Noni Rose haven’t seen her play in anything since power like season 2 I believe…..

  4. He Was Also Knocking Down Amber Rose After She Broke Up With Kanye! She Was In London, At A Club Appearance, He Was There With Her, We Was Hosting Amber, We All Left Together & They Went To Her Hotel ROOM TOGETHER. I Got Pics Too ☕️

  5. Thank you for Idris’ sugar bullets. I thought him and Kate Winslet had great chemistry in the movie that worked on, it explains it now.

  6. Meryl Streep tho. Weird 😒 why B couldn’t get the tongue. Lol. J so jelly. Hope she slipped and got some. I mean do he b there everytime she film sumthing. Y won’t he let her B great. Lol

  7. I’m more shocked that Kate Winslet is a hoe. A huge one at that. I knew they had slept with each other by the chemistry they had from that movie they made together being stuck on that mountain. We need sugar bullets on her. Also great to hear that his booty hole was not played with although I know he’s fully down with Hollywood.

  8. & I thought jayz gave Beyoncé “up” when he was trying cut deals.. I guess it’s to only big players.

  9. I love Idris. I always said he was private and looked like a loyal man in marriage…”according to him” . Thats crazy smh ait naming him divorce his wife

  10. I think everyone is more shocked at Kate Winslet being a hoe, than at Idris tea 🤣🤣. But seriously didn’t know that girl was a hoe lol.

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