August 18, 2022

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13 thoughts on “Hot Takes 11/17/2021

      1. Right but damn that’s like 5 years old …. Ninjas waiting 5 years to run down on you? I think Gotti being the likely suspect is ALMOST to perfect. Anyone following hip hop knew they had beef which would automatically lead ppl to look at Gotti Camp. All along it wasn’t him or his ppl…. Just a theory… what do I know I’m not from Memphis. However this is tragic. 💔

  1. It seems like Drake and Kanye were forced to squash their beef by J Prince. RIP to Dolph it’s sad when people in your own city are jealous of you.

  2. So do we need a Faith Evans bullet point?
    Condolences to Young Dolphs family I hate to hear this….may he Rest In Peace

  3. G! can you PLEASE do a sugar bullets on Empire records? It’s a label that ‘independent’ artists and a few dead artists hav been linked to King Von, Young Dolph and MO3. Are they linked to major labels?

  4. RIP Young Dolph, condolences going out to his family, Young Dolph Mo 3 King Von, these dudes was still in the streets heavy, and had beef with nukkas. Just the other day solider boy said on his live he put 100K on young dolph head. These rappers were talented also Nipsey and now they’re gone. the hate is real out here in these streets

  5. No because the empire records rumor about their artists is so freaking scary!
    R.I.P Dolph

    Doesn’t Jake like the mens?

    Shawn can finally come out the closet cus we are not buying it and we just want him to be happy and free

    Steebie and Faith together is so weird! I don’t understand

  6. dolph would still be alive if he didn’t sell his soul he was doing good for independent artist and then they came to collect cus he was getting way too much money

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