May 17, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Spilling Sugar on Everybody

  1. Danileigh might have just been made messing w him. If Summer and her do a song, its gonna be everything! She dont meed to look back, her future is too bright! And he the one gonna be crying bc once u flip the Saggy to gone, they are! The way he disrespected Dani her peoples definitely getting involved. DR men dont play that. He got the right family. This is not over. But it will public fa sure. I cant wait. On another note, can we discuss how fine her brother is????? God Lordt where tf he at? Shitttttttttt. How her family that fine and she messing w Datoxic midget? He dont fit Dani!!!

  2. I don’t feel sorry for Dani or any woman that deals with da baby. Her and the other baby mama keep dealing with him and laughing at each other when they’re both foolish. Play stupid games win stupid prizes. Da baby has shown his a$$ multiple times, a baby doesn’t change a man and it won’t make a man want you.

    1. She did santeria on him she was trying to get rid of meme and his daughter ppl don’t know what they be talking about meme does not mess with baby they co parent Dani brings meme up because she knows that’s his true love that girl been stalking meme and dgaf when she was messing wit him while they was together. Dani needs psychological evaluation

    2. Definitely did Santeria. Thing about that is you have keep doing it every couple of months and it has to be some type of genuine love there for it to actually really work.

  3. I feel bad for Dani because of what had taken place yesterday. That’s really embarrassing and their daughter will eventually see what had happened and how her dad had spoken to her mom. You can tell she’s going through PPD. Do I feel bad for her overall, no. She did it to herself. She literally had millions of people telling her how trash he was and not to get involved with that love triangle. She did it anyways and was too busy trying to compete with the other BM over a lil boy who don’t gaf about no one but himself, while she should have been working on recovering her career after that yellow bone song. Now look at her, crying on the plane.

  4. If Miguel never wanted to marry her, more than likely she knew about it. But she still held on. I don’t feel sorry for her. Any woman who stays with a man who takes that long to propose is a fool. Of course he was cheating. Did she really think he wouldn’t or it would’ve stopped after marriage?

    Idk who these Danileigh or baby person are..but sucks for her ..

    1. I agree with you about Miguel and his ex wife. I do not know why some women think that. Obviously, he was cheating before they got married. Marriage can intensified things because it is a sacred vow. So if you have major problems before marriage they will become bigger issues after marriage.

  5. I am reading these comments, and I know that many of these industry women do witchcraft on their partners. However, there have got be men in the industry who do the same thing. It can not always be penis or vagina all of the time, especially if you want to leave but cannot because there is something over you that you cannot see but can feel.

  6. It’s a tale old as time and nobody ever learns. Danileigh had a baby and shaded dark skin women for a utter and complete 🤡. Nothing about the Dababy screams father my kids. He humiliates these girls. Who the hell wants to have a baby by that? Dani made poor choices and now she too looks like a 🤡. Do better.

    Oh wow Miguel! The fact that he waited so long told me he wasn’t really interested in making it legal. Glad his wife drew the line and walked away.

  7. The keyword is accountability. Ppl like Dani Leigh and Summer Walker have kids by these known narcissist but they think they are special and can change them. I’m not saying the men are right because they’re dead wrong. But at some point you have to take responsibility for your own actions. Why would you continue to let a man nut inside you when he left you the first time he found you were pregnant smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ Just plain stupidity

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