May 17, 2022

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25 thoughts on “Hot Takes 11/14/2021

  1. J lo give it a rest. Must she be married? Is that her thing like u have to marry me? She got issues. Dam Chico…their family history messed all of them up. Sad 😔

  2. it is you that is tasteless, you will be tweeting and retweeing negative things about Nicki Minaj, just because of a little follow on instagram, you were not even invited to the birthday party. Cardi b barely interacts with you. Calm down small.

    1. I think Cardi B did invited G. Anyway, how is this related to Nicki Minaj. Do I agree with Halle? Nope. But that is her opinion. Nicki was the he queen for the 10 years, Lil Kim was the queen in the 90s along with Queen Latifah. Missy Elliot was the queen for over 10 years. To me Nicki is still the queen, until a queen for generation Z shows up. I highly suspected that is will be Doja Cat. She been in the industry since 2013, I think. I think she been I the industry longer than Cardi, she just a little bit younger than Cardi.

      1. nicki will always reign as the queen of hip/hop and rap. i don’t care what accolades what anyone gotta say about it. Nobody touching NICKI period past present or future.

      2. Doja has been making music longer than Cardi, Cardi just got popular 1st. That was Halle’s opinion, ppl get so butt hurt these days

  3. The Debarge family has been through so much hell. I pray Chico overcomes his addiction. Cardi is far from being the queen of hip hop, Halle was just being nice. I can’t see Rihanna pregnant, I guess I’ve gotten used to the single bad girl image.

  4. Nicki still queen
    I thought Ben and Jen were getting married I guess
    Yeah Rihanna ain’t gonna have no baby
    Chris and danileigh can be together now

  5. Dani shades black girls but then they come to her defense? When will some of us ever learn 🥴. Maybe cause they’re also birds who became the 74th baby mama to a dude so they can relate
    (None of this is to defend Da Bussy btw)

  6. I just do not like the da baby ugly MASK looking ass. But I ain’t defending Danileigh. I will give her one piece of advice: Reject and Ignore him. No one likes a doormat chick. I would move on and get a new man…even if it’s a time-killer guy. I would 💯 IGNORE that crusty ignorant nicca.

  7. This whole nicki and cardi bs needs to end when this month is over. Its Pointless and its no need for anybody getting upset over someone else’s opinion.

    I see it for Rih and Asap!

    elon musk is foul for that.

    Jlo needs to let it gooo chile marriage is not for you sis.

    As for everybody else welp stop thinking it can’t be you because it can definitely be you.

    1. That part!! They aren’t men just hurt little boys in a big body hurting women along the way to mask their hurt for themselves

  8. At this point I think it’s delusion G. You really expect the barbz to LIKE Cardi B? The one who tried her best to tarnish Nicki, the one who even assaulted her with a shoe?
    I really do believe that you must have hurt your head somewhere on the way to writing this post. Do yourself a favor and use some logic & common knowledge.

    Cardi is a hustler and successful but she’s FAR FAR FAR away from becoming the QUEEN of anything. She lacks the talent as well as the impact & longevity in the RAP GAME.
    Tell your chica & her 26th face I said “hi”.

  9. Lol tasteless? Haha she helped you get ya page back and you been on her pu$$y ever since. Don’t even post no sugar about her and her man being around them devil people but tell everybody else ish and that’s what you suppose to do. I admire cardi being nice to all y’all blogs so y’all can feel conflicted on posting anything that may make her curse y’all scared ass out.

  10. Please don’t generalize the barbs like that! Some people are tasteless but not a whole group of people. Most of those tasteless remarks come very young children.

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