May 17, 2022

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9 thoughts on “Hot Takes 11/10/2021

  1. Travis IS DONE. Kylie will get little on won’t make a difference. He was basically trash with a few hits, but trash. Kylie (who ain’t much better) will drop him like a hot potato 🥔. Travis can’t make money touring and I’m sure the cancel culture with put a dent in his fan base. It’s funny how those white witches just HAVE a to have a black man…welp Kylie…look at your black man. He’s DONE.

  2. Even though I’m not a big fan of Joseline..I really hope she does not give Stebie another shot..she is doing great without him. I still didn’t understand him and Faith getting together.😐

  3. Sick of Jenn, I just want her to get healing so bad and stop jumping to the next sorry ass relationship.
    I hope Joseline stays away from Steebie!
    Tireddddddd of the Kardashians too lol ffs
    Travis needed to be humbled. Thats my opinion.

  4. Dang John… I liked his character.. really don’t watch the show anymore but if Victor goes I know that show is done. I like Saweetie… but her and D seem like a mismatch. When sacrificing goes wrong: the Travis Scott Tragedy. Joseline will forever be trash in my eyes for saying Stevie molested his daughter. I’ll never get why people love her.

  5. I think rih is quiet because of music.. I saw a page on twitter showing she had registered 4 new songs yesterday.

  6. JLO and Ben got back together too soon. Like you was just hugged up with Arod the day before, then the next day you kissing Ben. Not to mention Ben is a recovering alcoholic and gambler who stays falling off the wagon. Jennifer knows she doesn’t want to risk her coinage.

    Travis should expect everything that is happening. Nobody wants to be linked to HIS scandal. He probably will be over. When it comes to touring do you really think venues gonna let him come in after this? I gonna go with a strong no.

    RIP “John Abbott” 😭.

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