May 17, 2022

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21 thoughts on “Heaven Hollywood’s Celebrity Matchmaker Oh The Sugar

  1. drake can’t keep a woman to save his life. I honestly think he fakes relationships with these women just to smash, that’s why they’re so short. It’s giving light skin future but with only 1 baby mama

  2. Drake saying he wants to settle down is a fkn joke to me, w his slutty ass lmao. Megan Good is too good (lol) for Drake, she deserves better than that whore who would not be faithful to her. And is there any history between him and Taylour Paige?

  3. Also can y’all do a full story on Megan Good? Does she do rituals, is she down? And is it true she was escorting/madaming back in the day?

    1. Get outta my head!!! I was looking at that pic like “tf is that thing!!” She looking hella weird, but that goes to show that Drake will smash anything. Also, I think he’s more into a woman that he can control to some extent. He gives me that vibe. But on the other side of that coin, I think when he does actually fall in love they will literally have anything whatever their heart desires.

  4. Okay I like the Taylour Paige option. She’s very beautiful and confident. What happened with her and Jesse Williams??

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