May 17, 2022

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44 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets : Salma Hayek

  1. Def want more… her daughter really got the dad’s genes but that’s the chance you take having a baby with a white

  2. Wow. More please. Yes When the daughter was younger..yikes. but she looks much better now. She has her father’s whole face so I mean if that’s what the dad looks like what u expect..that’s the chance u take. Lol

  3. More please! Funny enough a youtuber just made a video bout Salma right before y’all posted this.
    Her husband is an asshole

  4. You know we want more 😂. Can we get sugar bullets on Penelope Cruz. She was talked about quite a bit in Hollywood at one point.

    1. She was being dismissive to a young black woman who talking bout racism in the industry, should look it up. She def lost points from me for that

  5. More. I have always thought she was beautiful! Didn’t she hook up with drake or maybe he tried to and she passed

  6. Very interesting, if Salma wanted to leave her husband, could she? He has had multiple affairs and numerous children outside the marriage.

  7. Her husband is a piece of work- didn’t he disown the kid he had with Heidi Klum right before he got with Selma?

  8. more please! i loove her! not surprised about her husband but i guess i’m naive to think they’re both faithful?

  9. More please! The daughter is pretty now…maybe she had a rough beginning idk. I like her, always loved her accent and how she didn’t try to whitewash for Hollywood.

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