May 17, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Dark side Of The Industry Al B Sure

  1. Craziness…. this was weird AF. Speaking of Jaguar…. as vocal as she was, she hasn’t been on social media since April. What yall got on that?

      1. But she came across with a giant she didn’t give AF attitude lol was it Clive that issued the threat?

  2. From what I recall, Jaguar didn’t say Al had to give Diddy head. What sense does that make? Diddy didn’t have any power back then. It was Andre Harrell. Still terrible that he had to experience that nonetheless.

  3. Uhm i just wonder what is going through Al’s son Quincys head. And the rest of Kims children . This is so sad :((( and incredibly scary. RIP Kim Porter

  4. Jayz is the Michael Myers of the music industry and diddy is Freddy Kruger giving people nightmares so many thing link to dude

  5. I remember when Jaguar said that she was talking about the lawyer chick that walked in on Chris giving diddy head and diddy told her he only did that cuz he can (like power trip was his reason) after that she left the company

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