May 17, 2022

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21 thoughts on “Why Megan Thee Stallion Flopped

  1. First and foremost, she needs to build a solid fan base.
    She doesn’t really have the people backing her so a solid fan base would actually help with the streams and sales.
    I think a lot of people started disliking her when all that stuff with Asian doll & her ex BFF went down after the shooting. The barbz also stopped supporting her music after she allegedly threw shots at Nicki.

    Regarding the versatility, I think she tried different sounds but doesn’t have the look or sound for versatile pop records. She did pop records with BTS, Ariana and Maroon 5… people did not like them that much. For whatever reason that might be.
    She also doesn’t have the industry pushing her down ppl’s throat like they did with Cardi because the talent wasn’t (isn’t) there either but the push & support was/ is.

  2. It’s a lot of gaps in her story and i just lost interest in her after those 2 albums she had just weren’t good as her first two

  3. By “doesn’t have the look to cross over” do you mean that she’s not light enough? Cause all those other women you mentioned are light skinned…

    1. Has nothing to do with complexion especially since there are plenty other female artists that are way darker then Meg that have it way worse in the game. Besides Meg isn’t even dark she’s brownskin at best, which in this climate gets As much of a pass as Lightskin.

      When they say “the look” they mean she doesn’t have that mainstream appeal that these these other pop crossover acts have that the pop crowd *aka white people* like. Meg is still too raunchy and sexual and aggressive with her look, rhymes, and personality. Since all these rap artists wanna cross over to get the white dollar, they need to learn when to be raunchy and when to be modest. Too much ass shakin & sex talk turns the pop crowd off after a while. Learn when to be sexual and when to just make a song people can have fun to, or cry to, or get inspired by. There’s a time and place for everything.

      1. I didn’t say Megan was dark skinned, I know she brown but let’s not act like she’s not the darker than a number of her counterparts with anywhere near the same size platform and like that wouldn’t play part in who gets deemed as having the “look” and being palatable enough for the GP. Also you saying that makes no sense when Farti is literally all the things you said about Meg yet doesn’t get the same criticism. All the acts with “mainstream appeal” are mixed or light yet colorism has nothing to do with it? LOL please. Not saying that’s all it is either but you’d be a fool to think it’s not a factor

  4. I mean its a mixtape with a lot of freestyles that were already out on youtube. 49 million streams doesnt seem like a flop to me

  5. I agree with most of what you’d said. If she’s wants international crossover appeal, her sound and subject matter needs to expand.She needs someone that can properly guide her, if not she’ll what happen to her in a few years.

  6. I totally agree with what was said I do have a question G I vaguely remember you talking about the color red when it comes to sacrifices and I noticed that Snoop and the family was dressed in red I thought that was interesting with him being a crip

  7. She’s a one trek pony.
    Stays with the booty shorts and shaking ass & the same flow and sound.
    It’s just boring now.
    She has to revamp her image & sound.

  8. I agree that she needs to revamp her image in order to cross over. I hate how she dresses, she’s ALWAYS dressed like shes on her way to a dick appointment and it’s annoying. The only time that I’ve personally seen her dress classy was at one of the award shows and she was wearing a prom dress 😐 She could have gone all out for her graduation pictures dressed as a sexy business women. She could have worked that angle of “I’m sexy, smart and successful”. It would have worked very well for her, but because she went full on ratchet a lot of people didn’t react to it since they’re so used to seeing her ass every day. She’s a beautiful girl but beauty isn’t enough to keep a solid and successful career in the music industry. If it wasn’t for her being talented, people would put her in the same category as Saweetie. A pretty girl who gets a pass because of her face and personality.
    Also, I think a lot of people switched on her because of they way she switched up on Kelsey and Asian Brat. I dislike Asian but Meg was foul for letting that girl sink on her own. She switches up a lot, she’s an air sign its in her nature but still, it’s a bad look. Oh and the whole victim card had me rolling my eyes. She was hurt yes, but she also had a huge play in those events. She should’ve spoken up sooner and stuck to one consistent story. Everyone feels the awards she has won were a result of sympathy. It almost feels like those Grammy’s are nothing more than a participation trophy in my opinion.

  9. I’m not a fan a megan i just feel like she lazy and do just enough. She needs a real push. She’s too comfortable. I think she can do different but she have to want too.

  10. She does not have a stanbase at all, there’s no hotties only a mixture of some cardi fans a what lil barbs even care to play a song from her. She is hyped online ONLY, people are bored with the sex talk and seeing her ass online and in music videos. Cardi was a whole stripper but even she put some heart break on her album not every song was about sex and ass. Megan the rapper couldn’t even dedicate a whole song to her moms on her debut. I have said it b4 she is just this generation Trina.

    1. I agree with you !! Only Trina does have songs about love, cheating, etc. Megan has none of that, but it’s clear as day. No one stans Megan, so that’s her biggest issue.

  11. I think she is all of what u said. She needs to tone down the hoeness. I can’t stand it and I almost always change the station or cut off her music. Lizzo crossed over and she’s brown skin. I’m not saying colorism may not be an issue, but I don’t really think it’s the focus for Meg. She’s beautiful but something about her people just don’t like as much. I don’t like how fickle she seemed. On social media it was like she was always jumping from person to person. The thing with Tory and her friend made stuff worse. I think people believed her at first but the support has died down. And if u look at comments on social media almost every time the situation is mentioned, people are tired of it.

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