May 17, 2022

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8 thoughts on “PR Diaries Kim Porter

  1. Exactly cuz she knew he was gon kill her hopefully she gave it to some on e he would never suspect having it

  2. But why would Puffy kill her? Hell the entire Internet seems to know all of his alleged “dirty secrets”… his alleged sexual fluidity, his dirty business dealings, the relationship with Cassie, the revolving door of women, the alleged Bad Boy Curse, his involvement in the East Coast/West Coast Beef, Celebrity Beefs.

    There are way too many questions are left unanswered.

    What really happened with Shakur Stewart that led to him passing away?
    What was going on with Kim Porter as to why Al B Sure keeps dropping these subtle hints that lean towards something sinister but then takes them back?
    What’s up with Puff having all these kids by different women but not marrying any of them?
    Puff and Young Miami and the other young chick we all know is fake and for social media, so what is he covering up really?
    How was Cassie able to get away unscathed if Puff was so abusive and possessive of her?
    And seriously, he didn’t know Cassie was seeing her trainer behind his back?

    We get droplets of tea and left to speculate… but what is the real tea? Is it bitter? Is it frightening? Can we just not handle the truth?

  3. I think no one would be surprised if Puffy killed her, but the confirmation of alleged secrets and probably some other secrets that we don’t know.

  4. I feel like Cassie blackmailed her way out. She has sumn on him. All of these things happened around the same time; Kim dying and Cassie leaving, sumn definitely went down.

  5. I believe puffy had shakur Stewart killed. I always believed that. And I’m sure shakir was probably on the DL with the rest of them

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