July 2, 2022

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9 thoughts on “Hot Takes 11/7/2021

  1. Amber didn’t have to go back to hoeing because she was cheated on she could make the choice to continue to do better and be better that’s on her…. I like Boosie but him and Lil Nas X are getting on my nerves both please take a break from the media for awhile….Al B Sure has been saying Kim was murdered then he retracts his statement only to say it again then retract it again… either spill what you know or shut up and take it to the those who can do something about it…

  2. Ok. I know Nene has definitely been a character in the past but…let’s consider another side of this, her husband just died…she is still grieving and it could be she wants to do something familiar to keep busy. I don’t know…just a thought

    1. Exactly! I doubt she’s missing those checks. I heard he (Greg) invested well & she should be good. I agree she’s probably trying to keep busy by day.

  3. If Nene and Phaedra both come back to RHOA esp now that we know we have Sheree back, that’d be EVERYTHING 😩

  4. Al better be quiet or he’ll be next. Diddy don’t mind having blood on his hands. Boosie be minding everybody business but his own. He gets on my first and last nerve. Nene is the one who should have a talk show or fill in for Wendy. It’ll be something to keep her mind off things.

  5. I always think of the girl Jocelyn. Her family did a number on her. It wasn’t just about kellz with her. I hope she’s ok.

  6. I want NeNe to stay off of there & move on w/ her life. She doesn’t need to look back there’s nothing there anymore. I’m sure things will be coming around the corner she’s not gonna want on there filmed…

  7. I don’t blame Joy. They need to leave her alone. They’ve embarrassed her enough. That girl has a good job and minding her business.

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