May 17, 2022

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11 thoughts on “Hot Takes 11/3/2021

  1. G! Have you noticed how DaBaby is performing again? I saw he was in Dubai? Did DaBaby get DaBooty played with?

  2. Pete Davidson must have a bomb personality and dyck because ain’t no way 😒.

    I am surprised Alpo was able to survive this long out of prison. The streets never forget.

    Amber Rose needs to work on getting that freaking tattoo off her forehead.

  3. Lol Kim n Pete? Seems like a publicity stunt. She couldn’t let Kourtney have all the shine 🤣 if they are really smashing, that’s one hell of a downgrade

  4. people always call Pete ugly but he must be doing something right cuz he just keeps upgrading. shit if she having fun then hey🤷🏾 all the so called attractive ones did her dirty including pie faced kanye lol

  5. Kim decided to get her a white tatted up dude too🤣 couldn’t let Kourtney get all the shine! Pete got that BWC though 🥴

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