May 17, 2022

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17 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets Tuesdays Swizz Beats

  1. So alicia wont sleep with just him but pulls up at the studio when hes with nicki? Do they have beef or something?

  2. Okay we need to know- is his ex living w them? When is Alicia coming out? Swizz is out here raping people.. oh that’s a no no.. probably why she always wants a woman.. he’s trash!

  3. There are two WTF and concerning topics….

    The “alleged assault” on Teyana and the fact not only did Diddy “sale” Cassie for a night…. but the fact Swizz Beats and Alicia Keys bought her!?! 😳😬


  4. The steroid rumor I can believe about Busta… he was skinny throughout the first part of his career and then he just buffed up out of nowhere…. (Honestly Busta looked better when he was slimmer)

    Can we get a Sugar Bullet on Busta Rhymes?

  5. Yikes. Does everyone have the herp or what. Can we get a list of what celebs have stds. Also have u ever done bullets on Mya and who is on her hit list.

  6. He deff got caught with a male and the industry put them two together as a “family” Alicia clearly loves women it’s clear !!

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