May 17, 2022

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17 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets Tuesdays R Kelly Got Rappers & Athletes Scared

  1. Chile, they got the first black heavyweight champion Jack Johnson on this Mann Act back in the early 1900’s. It’s wild that they are still using it.

  2. Definitely not condoning child molesters, but Pedophilia is celebrated in Hollywood, I wonder why he’s the scapegoat. So many of them commit the same nasty acts yet they pick and choose who will feel the wrath. Who exactly did Robert piss off that he’s not able to escape this time?

    1. He messed up when he tried to get his masters after learning that they were worth $850 million (I think that’s the correct amount). There’s a video of a guy who was friends with Kellz saying when he learned of that he tried to get his masters and Farrakhan told him… They killed Michael, Whitney and Prince and they’re about to do it to you too and if they can’t get you, they will get someone close to you. There’s a video of it.

    2. Kelly deserves this, the black girls that have been sold and traumatised for decades is sickening. There’s no excuses for this at all.

  3. This could be a way of the higher ups taking out you know who. They know he has die hard supporters but this is something that just cannot be accepted. This would be the only shot that they could take at him that could possibly work. If they wanted to know him down. Just a theory though.

  4. There is a pic of Rihanna and R Kelly and it was an after an award show party. ( I think it was after his song with Gaga)

    Jayz was on tour with him and nas spoke in an interview years ago about him knowing about RKelly.

  5. R. Kelly being convicted of RICO is BIGGER than the fake victims he was charged with. He definitely pissed somebody off when he tried to get his masters. I’m surprised that hasn’t been mentioned. We all know how that go 🙄

  6. Ahhh, is that why JZ just made a public IG account? I know he was hiding behind a fan account of himself for awhile…weird to see him actually on the platform now

  7. R Kelley would have to provide the named of the girls, their aged, and the rappers/athletes matched to each girl in order for it to even be investigated, it’s highly unlikely any named victims would cooperate. Robert is going to jail.

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