May 17, 2022

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33 thoughts on “Pr Diaries Old School Edition Rita Hayworth Wanted by All Cherished By None

  1. Yesss please deep dive!! This is my genre!! I love doing tarot readings on them, sometimes they come through. I’ve never done a reading on her though.

    Please do Olivia de Havilland too please 🙏🏾

    1. Yes please deep dive they been doing this shit since the beginning of time like they superior whole time they beneath us!

  2. Wow so they been doing this. Wow the things women have to go through just cause a “man” thinks so…trifling 😐 yes more info please

  3. Rita was not Latina, she was Spainaird as in from Spain in Europe, not latin America. She’s hispanic, but not Latina

      1. Latina and Latino Spanish and refers to North American origin or descent.

        Latin was the language of ancient Rome and contributed the Romance languages or Spanish, French and Italian.

  4. Yes please, I love learning about old Hollywerid.
    Could you also do one on George Reeves, the guy who used to play Superman?

  5. Thanks for the classic tea. I watched Gilda last night after reading this and it was really good. Rita was a certified knockout 😍

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