May 17, 2022

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20 thoughts on “As I Told you guys

  1. Neither should want to be with him. Puffy should be with someone closer to his age but I believe he’s chosen these young women for various reasons. It makes for spicier headlines and gossip, to “show Cassie”, both ladies want THAT life so bad they can be molded into what he wants and will do whatever he says. He def wants to slut them out for himself and to whoever wants a piece (for the right price). People were talking about Bow was hatin but I believe he knows THE REAL and was trying to protect the mother of his daughter…idk why Joie doesn’t get with an entrepreneur or athlete instead of theses damn rappers. Not a good look for her. She has sooo much potential and should want better for herself. So basically let Caresha have his raggedy ass. I have much more to say but I’ll leave it here lol.

    1. I’m just mad joie apart of another harem. Future then diddy like wtf joie are your eyes opened when you look in the mirror. They can’t be.

  2. Diddy ain’t giving his kids anything to look up to. Pretty sad but for some reason society is glorifying his playboy ways. Joie, Careesha, Draya, the Asian chick and Lauren all rotating on peen that likes men’s bootyhole is beyond me.

  3. Caresha and diddy are one in the same. People gotta stop acting like caresha is dumb and innocent. She sacrificed her baby daddy just like diddy sacrificed his baby mama. She knows exactly what she’s doing and what she’s into. Just pray for the kids, especially her son… his father didn’t deserve that.

  4. I don’t think their following each other now. I remember seeing a post on IG back in September that they unfollowed each other.

  5. I feel sorry for Christian all the dancing he do his dad still chasing young gals. If I were joie I would respect my daughter father and leave him alone. You gotta know when to leave stuff be. Caresha well hey diddy came from the ratchet mess so him and her are perfect. Diddy grew up and learned but that nigga still thinking about those roaches. I wish caresha would let summer hair out. I’m tired of seeing her in braids. She got a lil attitude on her.

  6. Older men like diddy want to feel young and try to keep up. Caresha can provide that. She’s young and hot right now. Joie is fine but she’s more reserved and maybe on the boring side (my opinion). Joie always looks like she’s maintaining a mysterious persona while Caresha is raw, open, and hilarious.

  7. I wouldnt take either of them, none of them are ladies nor have self respect. They have babies by rich dusties, that’s why they like being apart of a harem, they know what’s up.

  8. He needs to stop. Why are people glamorizing this? Just because he’s rich doesn’t give him a pass to be a reckless womanizing playboy.

  9. I just read these comments & oh boy.
    Caresha – GROWN & has her own money big or small bank she has her own.
    JOIE – GROWN also has her own MONEY & seems to have strategized all 3 relationships to gain additional EXPOSURE for her businesses. The move that really plused her up was the baby by Future her name been ringing bells every since then PLUS she leveraged that baby weight loss journey to build her brand and now a pretty big business considering how she started off. She being booked for club appearances LEFT N RIGHT!!! Let’s this lady a hard worker and she’s hustling while she’s HOT!

    It all makes sense to me – now I’m not saying oh wow 🤩 I’d be on board BUT be honest most women young and old would LOVE LOVE for Diddy or Future to BAT AN EYE AT THEM!

    Diddy – GROWN ICCON & PAID! Most women & men wouldn’t hesitate to jump on a yacht with him even if he showed minimal interest. MONEY & status make the world GO AROUND
    And we’re talking about 2 beautiful young women who clearly came from humble beginnings TO NOW being in the spotlight for fucking a hip hop legend! Come onnnnnnnnn they young and living just as most women in this insta age it’s just not on a top TIER level it’s local and lower TIERED things like this going on any and everywhere there’s a woman & a man with 💰 DIFFERENT level but it’s the SAME BS we see publicized then we go sit n talk about it – CASE IN POINT THIS LONG ASS COMMENT!

    Y’all gotta see that there is a BIGGER picture & narrative that’s being SPUN. Case and point this whole blog post GOT us chatting about GROWN ASS PPL who are pretty with pussy & paid… not rich but yes definitely paid!

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