May 17, 2022

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11 thoughts on “Decipher Kendrick Lamar Loyalty part 1 of 2

  1. Of course he is down. The whole video was ritualistic. No surprise that William Shakespeare was a devil worshipper. He put witchcraft in his books.

  2. See I knew there was a reason why I got bad vibes the first time I watched this video. I saw symbolism but didn’t know what it meant. Thanks G, ready for part 2.

  3. Could y’all do more tea on Shakespeare? I know it’s random 😂 but the way he’s so revered and now y’all saying he a devil worshipper, I’d love to hear a break down on him

  4. I didn’t have to read all of this to know he’s in, people need to wake up. If they’re winning grammies and collab with other stars they’re in.

  5. I use to love this song but I knew this video was a ritual smh. I can’t wait to you decipher the part where Kendrick and rih got hit by a car and all she do is laugh.

  6. In the song, Ueuno remix, was Kendrick alluding to hooking up with Rihanna when he said “ I just fucked what’s her name and you ain’t even know it” after what’s her name dropped with drake?

    1. good catch damn if so rihanna just letting anybody hit whats her name drooped in like 2013 Kendrick was out then?

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