May 17, 2022

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9 thoughts on “Did Young Miami Take The Oath?

    1. I can look at her up bringing and how this lifestyle just landed In her lap! Never in her Wildest dreams could she or did she imagine this would be her life!

  1. Nah… she’s too rough around the edges for Diddy’s style. He don’t like them to talk too much and she literally just talked about a train with Lil Baby and DaBaby on Live with Santana. She is a behind the scenes chick not the main attraction..

    1. You know what diddy come from rough around the edges. So she perfect for him honestly. He gives classy vibes but he ain’t forget where he came from.

  2. If she took the “Oath” she needs better ghost writers a vocal coach and some sex appeal… honestly she doesn’t seem to take rapping seriously and she doesn’t seem like she actually likes sex…. 🤷🏽‍♂️ I think it’s all a game to her…..

  3. That was the worst track I ever heard from a female rapper it’s giving me Nicki and Lil kim struggles she did more than took an oath looks like she sold her soul her video deeply ritualistic she needs ghost writers JT has it all can flow however I feel she really doesn’t want in Satan playground now that YM is under Freddy Kruger he will make her a star she about abuse ran through sex outtted she’s going to start looking real dark and different once those demon spirits take over her I see she willing to blood in

  4. Shes uncouth. Diddy needs to stop spending money on bags and trips and get her into an etiquette class

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