May 17, 2022

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16 thoughts on “Blind Sugar 10/28/2021

  1. 1-Drake just saw that blonde haired lady spilling about it on the blogs a couple of hours ago.
    2- Jada & Will
    3- Saweetie & Quavo

  2. I think honestly if Drake waits a little while if Rihanna or Serena become available soon & they give him one final chance, that would be his final time to do right by them otherwise it’s a wrap. I noticed in the one song about Rihanna he basically said he’s trying to stop all of his womanizing, get himself together & then try to pursue her AGAIN

    Jada doesn’t seem to get it. Ppl love Will Smith. The more Jada talks & its perceived bad about Will, they’re going to view it as slander bc Will has had a pretty well crafted image & is likable for decades

    Ppl are sick of Jada’s open love letter to Tupac all the time, the over sharing of her marriage & ultimately August Alsina blowing up their spot. So her exposing Will @ this point isn’t going to get the response she wants other than more ppl hating her & dragging her either bc Will already had the ball rolling saying he wanted a harem, Halle Berry, Jada doesn’t believe in a conventional marriage & that he regrets divorcing his 1st wife

    Exposing all these affairs but you had yours on the side too & STILL won’t get a divorce is not going to garner any sympathy especially when you continually emasculate your husband & prop up Tupac every chance you get

    Also the fans feel she’s trying to sabotage Will’s Oscar buzz from the Williams sisters movie. Ppl are simply tired.

    1. Serena will become available before Rihanna becomes available considering Serena’s marriage is on the rocks meanwhile rih and ASAP now live together. Besides she covered up the tattoo they shared so even if she was to break up with ASAP, idk why y’all think that means she will double back to drake. ASAP is the one standing in the way of that reconciliation, Rihanna is since she literally doesn’t want That man anymore. He had his chance to prove her wrong for never taking him seriously, and he did the total opposite and proved her right. On top of Aubrih Stans getting exposed for plotting to lie on Rocky and rih seeing it for herself…y’all further sink your own ship with the nonsense.

      1. Correction: ASAP isn’t the one standing in the way of a reconciliation, Rihanna is cause she don’t want him anymore.

      2. But nobody talks about the lies that are told about Rihanna & ASAP. How are they “living together” but everytime Rihanna is in NYC, she’s staying in a hotel? Why are they on opposite coasts 90% of the time if they’re allegedly “heading towards engagement & children?” Why did they spend 3 months apart & Rocky didn’t even go to Rihanna’s mother’s birthday party if that’s the “love of your life?”

        I don’t take whatever this is seriously just like I didnt take Travis Scott seriously. It’s pretty obvious this was a rebound that’s extended it’s stay bc whoever attention Rih was hoping to get isnt budging ATM. If she wanted children w/Rocky she would’ve been pregnant by now but Rihanna has been fighting pregnancy rumors in all her relationships so it’s nothing new.

        The real conversation that needs to be had is this Union isn’t benefiting either one but it’s unfortunately going to play out longer than it should bc Rihanna doesn’t like to be single for whatever reason & loves going back to her exes.

        Until she matures in her personal life she’s never going to be happy no matter who she’s with

  3. I was just talking about Will and Jada with my friend. Jada acts like she doesn’t remember where she’s from. She talks entirely too damn much. Like girl… HUSH.

  4. Drake
    Jada and Will
    Saweetie Quavo

    Side note: I’m sick of hearing about Jada and Will Smith’s marital problems they’re too old to keep airing out their grievances to the public…but hell they opened their marriage to the public…. I’m just sick of hearing about it….

  5. Both Will and Jada have nothing to lose if they divorce. They should move on and be happy.

    I always remember the first time when they both spoke about meeting. Will said Jada didn’t like him initially and he kept pursuing her even though Jada was not that into him. That should of been a sign for Will that it was going to to be a long road for him and Jada. He wanted the girl that didn’t really want him.

  6. Drake is so late *rolls eyes*

    Saweetie is low balling herself with that deal. She should be asking for more than a mill..

    Will and Jada are annoying atp.

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