July 4, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Spilling Sugar on Everybody 10/24/2021

  1. Lil Baby gives me rain man vibes. It’s something off about him. If Ralph and Whitney had gotten together, I feel that would’ve changed the course of history.

  2. I remember the episode when Bobby had his shirt open and showing his nipple, and Whitney starting saying she knew a guy who did that and pause. Lol Bobby was trying to find out who she was talking about. He said “Eddie the type to do that.” She broke out singing, “someone I use to know” lol. Loved Whitney!!

  3. Shenseea’s mom died not too long ago and It made me wonder if she sacrificed her, a couple months later she all up in the U.S around and these celebs and now y’all say she doing rituals in Dubai? Looking like her mom was a sacrifice…

  4. g do a sugar bullets on Mary J. Blige! Why did she have to suck everyone off at Uptown? was some cuz she wanted to or because it was lowkey required?

  5. If Mary was sucking dick then she wouldn’t be the only one…. hell wasn’t Brandy rumored to give good head as well? And shit if I was famous I’d be sucking and fucking lol like everyone else and like most people would and do behind closed doors!!!!

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