May 17, 2022

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7 thoughts on “Industry Sundays Industry Advice Never Owe Them

  1. I remember a video director talking on this ( it’s from a live and its on YouTube) and saying “these big stars can’t even pay for music videos etc and it’s disturbing how many need their label to pay for everything”.. he remembered la Reid refusing to pay for Rihanna’s videos because “”it wasnt the direction he wanted her to go in”” and he said Rihanna refused and started to pay for her own mv’s and studio time etc..which led to her not owing them
    Millions and how she was able to buy her masters.

  2. The industry is so weird, how does a dinner translate to rituals?? It’s not even comparable. Just sad. I bet a lot of these stars are really broke or don’t have as much as we think.

  3. yes yall OMG! a damn drink (that they probably spiked or wanted to) and food? My god these people are desperate.

  4. And can you please clarify who exactly you mean by “they”? Label execs? PR teams? Agents? Mangers? etc..

    And does this extend to someone you fuck and they decide to spend money on you? I.E lets say you start fw someone (Actor, Musician, some exec etc.) in the industry, then they decide they wanna start trickin on you (paying your living expenses, take you shopping and on trips etc.), does that mean you owe them and you gotta do rituals?….

  5. and G are you talking about when they’ve already signed you? or when you’re independent and they’re courting you so they could potentially sign u?

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