May 17, 2022

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7 thoughts on “FBF My conversation with Nicki’s old Manager

  1. Nicki old management was sabotaging her from the inside and No one can tell me otherwise. They probably already had a bad taste in their mouth about Nicki from other arguments they would have with her. How ironic they couldn’t respond to you about the game plan in 2 years, but was quick to respond in 2 minutes just to say they weren’t managing her anymore. They kept Nicki in the dark on purpose.

  2. Not a barb but I wonder if her management was in on the hate train…is it possible they got hush money to keep her in the dark or sum?

  3. Part of me is assuming that her team sabotaged her on purpose, maybe she rubbed people the wrong way. I have a hard time with Sagittarius’. I do like and respect them but sometimes that isn’t enough for them. They want everything to be about them and they love the theatrics and drama surrounding them. They are the fire sign so they turn up the heat. Maybe some people felt scorned by her and wanted to see her fail.

    The other part of me is thinking that maybe her team gave her the memo and she laughed at it. Maybe she thought, “I’m the queen. They could NEVER end my reign. Go ahead and try”. Maybe she didn’t realize that Miley’s team had as much power as they do. Maybe she thought the people backing Nicki up were bigger heavy hitters than Miley’s people. I think after Shether dropped, she was in shock that they did attack her. What if it did open her eyes but she didn’t want to seem bothered by it so she tried to brush it off. Again, Sagittarius’ don’t want to seem like they lack confidence or that they are bothered by someone. What if she was too prideful to admit she needed to do something and ask for help. Which in turn made her management team not want to bother to go back to G’s plan because they thought it was pointless to argue with her.
    I’m not insider or someone with experience in the industry. This is just me thinking out loud 🤔

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