May 17, 2022

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9 thoughts on “Blind Sugar Reveal from 10/ 13/2021

  1. She did right. Chris a bigger hoe than Dababy and she can still work w Rihanna. Smart. Her music still fire. Something tells me Danileigh actually gets big rewards for taking everything Dababy did in stride. Lets see what happens when someone else is raising Dababys lil girl. I expect a full on meltdown by Dababy. She needs to link w Cyn Santana. Be good for her

    1. I agree she made a mistake and started feeling herself like most do when they get dudes. However, it’s no reason for her to keep being punished especially by a dude who choose her multiple times and knocked her up. I honestly hope she do move in so he can stop playing her. At the end of the day no women deserves that especially after carrying a man child.

  2. I knew it was Chris. It Sounded like something a light skinned dude would say . He has a lot of audacity to say that, she don’t owe him no pussy just cause he wanted it , smh

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