May 17, 2022

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18 thoughts on “More Les Twins Exclusive

  1. They probably call her monster because she’s not the perfect person her stans think she is. Akon, Laurent, and Dre 🤯. Akon don’t seem like the type, but in Hollyweird anything goes.

    1. You’re joking right?! Akon is a warlock! Dre is bi and don’ know much about the twins but the party sounds about right!

  2. Those. Satnic rituals corrupt people’s souls especially, when they do it a lot. The only thing I did not know was the colorist thing, now a days colorism applies to women more.

  3. I know everything about Les Twins and most of this is accurate but disjointed.
    1. Larry is very messy he and Mel break up, he blasts her on IG and they always get back together again. He will never leave her completely they’ve been together for Years now.
    2. Laurent was dating Jessica since they were teenagers, he stole her from his best friend Loic ( also a top dancer for Madonna). She did have his name tatted on her finger and side of her hand. He cheated on her forever and she finally got tired and left him for Macro V., famous French soccer player, which they married this summer.
    3. Lau was dating Aimee when he’d visit New York. She was one of his side pieces. And was the girl who ( Cardi B blasted for being jealous of her when she got the Being Mary Jane, part! Aimee finally left Lau after he and Jessica went live clowning Aimee’s a$$ to all of the fans.
    3. I do believe Lau and Monster messed around on the 1st tour but the Twins did the second Mrs Carter tour with her and Jay. She also brings them back to perform with her when needed. She didn’t kick them to the curb.
    4. You do know that the girl in that picture with Larry is DRAKE’s baby mama right??? We used to call her Rosie–> her porn name. Yep, Larry hit that first.
    5. Not gonna speak 0n the rituals because I’m not sure, I’ve been watching closely but still not sure?? They really didn’t do anything too much career wise with Dre. Or Akon.
    6. As being colorist, true especially with Laurent, Larry has dated a variety of women, his baby mother Lylah, french singer, is beautiful and black.

    1. Thankyou! I was a huge fan and co sign everything you just stated. Larry is the nicer twin, Lau can be extremely moody.

  4. The Reptar twins got a lot of nerve
    That’s why nobody cares about them now
    And it’s true about Beyoncé everyone but her delusional fans can see she and Jay z are the devils kids

    1. I used to be such a big fan of B, literally obsessed with her but everything I’ve found out has turned me off. He’s so evil and his husband jay who’s is actually a woman!

  5. Oh shit!!, gimme more. Your taking us up a level, after you finish with les twins, which is extremely SWEET might I add☕kill it with the Idris Elba tea, I’m so for the exposure, always has rattled my spirit.

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