May 17, 2022

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7 thoughts on “Hot Takes 10/20/2021

  1. Wendy will be fine
    Ray and princess getting on my nerves
    Lizzo needs help
    I don’t think it will last with kourtney and Travis
    Tristan has some nerve

  2. I think the Elites be making her do nasty shit to embarrass her and shame plus size woman…. She’s gonna do it to for money and fame..

  3. Scott needs to get over it and grab a therapist. Yah got to really watch the show kourtney is not wrong for leaving him and finding true happiness. Scott got to many addictions from alcohol to young women. It sucks he’s parents passed away but instead of healing he chooses to act out. Let me guess he will be in rehab after thanksgiving🧐 kourtney isn’t his wife nor doctor. It’s time for him to figure it out.

  4. If Kourtney and Travis actually get married it won’t last long. When I look at them I see more lust than love. Eddie Winslow know he lying. Lizzo makes big women look bad sometimes.

  5. Ikyfl!!!! That girl took a dump on live 💩!!!??? Absolutely disgusting!!! Lizzo, Bish you need fame that damn bad???

    Tristan needs to go to hell. As much cheating he has done on that girl, he needs to have several seats. But real talk Khole needs to stop acting like her sister’s ex man and baby daddy, is HER lover.

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