May 17, 2022

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13 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets Tuesdays The Les Twins Updated

  1. I knew they were Satanic rituals with Beyonce. I feel that those Swedish twins with Drake are also into Satanic rituals.

  2. Wait what!!??? Does beyonce just “do” everyone that works with her? I knew she liked them very much though. More Beyoncé tea!

  3. it was Melissa gonzales that Larry found out was still married to chris clemmons while they were smashing AFTER he paid for her surgeries. Lylah is his bm and she left him cuz he dogged her. Laurent dogged the mess out of jessica. she Had his name tattooed on her hands and had it removed when she FINALLY left his ass. she recently got married and is happy now. aimee still escorting with her big ass and laurent still see’s her from time to time. melissa and aimee were both bottle girls in NYC. aimee wanted Larry but he wanted Melissa. i can also verify Larrys girth first hand. i know them both WELL 😉 jayz got rid of them when Lau and Bey were a little too close.

  4. Wowwwww the way I was soooo obsessed with these two when I first found out about them in 2007 i believe. I went through a phase where I was just consuming my brain with dope dance videos. Good ol days and dope tea!! This was a treat haha the messy twins still have my heart <3 lmbo

  5. They can dance their asses off. Saw them on the dancing show Jlo has. Didn’t know any of this. Wow…I’m all for it. 👂🏼

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