August 18, 2022

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27 thoughts on “Industry Stories: The Night She found Out he was Cheating

  1. Solange—Sonya
    ???????—-Renalda Denson(i forgot)
    Rita Or—maybe 🤔

  2. This definitely sounds like Solange, Bey, Jay Z and Rihanna but I have no clue who the actress is that he used to mess with? 👀

  3. Bee Gee must be some type of warlock. With all the rumors surrounding Valencia’s “abilities”, I can’t understand why she can’t overpower him… He must be extremely powerful.

  4. Sonya – Solange
    Valencia – Beyoncé
    Bee Gee – Jay Z
    Briella – Rihanna
    Renalda Denson – Rosario Dawson

  5. G can you PLEASE help us understand the type of hold that Jay Z has over Beyoncé?? Like legit, I don’t understand it.

  6. I could never really respect her because of this. I remember when Lemonade came out I was so excited thinking she had finally left him but nope. How can you speak about women empowerment and be so weak over a man?

  7. If that’s Rihanna, jayz is sick because she was 16/17 at the time and she was a lil girl in a completely different country. Camel face is a groomer! Her mother needs to be held accountable as well.

  8. And Briella would have kicked Solange crazy ass. How are you going to fight someone over a man? Someone else’s man? Solange is ghetto and a simpleton

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