May 17, 2022

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24 thoughts on “Spilling Sugar Saturdays

  1. I thought that’s why Solange beat Jay ass in the elevator cause she found out he wanted to sacrifice her son.

  2. Doesn’t look like Solange listened – AT ALL. However he hasn’t been sacrificed (yet) that has to be a plus, right?
    I GUESS 🙄

  3. If he’s so into it why don’t they sacrifice one of their twins? It really blows the mind how these industry people think. They have people so drunk off fame they will do anything. If you’re career is waning go do something else or sit tf down

  4. So that’s why B is going to bring back DC so she can have the Vegas residency? Loool it’s quite sad because I want her to still do world tours but without Jay. And that’s crazy to offer your wife.

  5. I want to see if the Vegas residency happens this time. Remember this was the rumor before of just Beyoncé being the highest paid artist for a residency & she got insulted & claimed it was fake news? This will be interesting

  6. I didn’t know Wale was a lame like that smh
    Elle Varner actually had talent, why she smash them dusties? Sad went out like that.
    I read she fucked J Cole back in the day before they were both famous

  7. The fact that Beyonce let’s Jay pimp her out is sad. How you Beyonce and you are being sold as a 2 dollar hoe on the stroll…tragic.

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