May 22, 2022

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27 thoughts on “Word Has It Wednesday

  1. Nicki a damn fool because Kenny isnt even hot. . Sorry. He looks like the well dressed guy at every hood in NY who stays in project hallways, all day. He looks like a lil rat. Meek just sits home and laughs at Nicki bc he already told her that pedo stuff gonna get her. I wish she would take Meek back then maybe he would be straight again.

    1. Meek not straight because of himself you want her to leave kenny and basically do the same for meek which she already did.

  2. I feel like you and Heaven is going about this the wrong way! I get it, he don’t like the way she moving but it’s coming off a lil too extreme. You like her? You wanna help her? You know which direction she needs to go? Then keep trying to help her but stop coming at her like she’s a dummy. We believe y’all ok so you don’t have to keep saying you heard it here first. You got connections? Then use those connections to get to her and let’s make this last era the best!

  3. I think at this point, if you’ve already reached out and tried to help and she rejected it, maybe yall should fall back. I mean she is an adult so she can’t be forced to accept help or advice. It hurts but sometimes you gotta let people hit the wall and hope they get it and support them from afar until they want your assistance.

  4. I’m sorry but you guys keep saying you’ve reached out to be her PR as if she knows you guys. I’m sure it’s a million people reaching out to do so. Plus it wouldn’t be any different than hiring other people she feel she can’t trust. Like how quick yal switched yal tone one yal got a happy bday shout out. Let’s be serious.

    1. I’m just curious as to why you guys think that y’all know any better than the people who are currently working with & for Nicki? You don’t think they know what’s going on? Im certain ALL publicists know what you know, what makes you all so special? I’m genuinely confused as to why all you people claim to know so much better than the ones who are ACTUALLY still in the business… like I don’t see any hate train going on. And I haven’t seen you say anything correct about Nicki since she changed her management team… y’all claim y’all know everything and that you are unbiased but sure as hell leave out a lot of info about your other besties.

    2. Exactly both G and Heaven be on Cardi’s nuts his daughter got a weaksss shout out now he and G are Cardi stans .

  5. I’m over her, especially after she came for Leigh Anne when little mix was the only celeb group that stood up for her during her hate train.

    1. What did she say that was wrong? If you are a black woman in a girl group with a white woman that you feel is black fishing then why would you wait 10 years to tell her it’s wrong. Why wait until she goes solo and get a feature from someone you supposed to love and respect. The drama affects Nicki too right? Why bring it up during her first drop? Why bring it up with Nicki on the song? It goes both ways. Nicki could have ignored it but she didn’t and little mix could have ignored it as well and they didn’t! I don’t see why this is such a big deal.

    2. She didn’t have to go hard on Leigh but why she waited that long to tell jessy that and dming people on socials to expose her when her bestie is doing the same thing

  6. Why would you or heaven want to be the publicist of somebody’s neck y’all stay gunning for.. makes no sense to me.

  7. She has like a million people wanting to be her pr and u think she going to pick someone that stays talking about her 🤔

    1. That is so weird that just because someone defends Nicki they are a Barb. I made a common sense comment (which I see a lot of people doing) I don’t even see any crazy comments. I’ve been on this blog and In IG lives etc for over 3 years. I’m just speaking facts. Damn, this shit is so weird and then next thing you know because “barbs” are in these comments not necessarily agreeing with the logic of being her PR, Nicki will probably get dragged even more. Or if something negative happens it will be “see I tried to warn” as if someone was praying on her downfall.

      1. You know I’ve been following this blog for a couple of years now and it’s starting to get weird. As soon as you don’t agree with them they call you “barb” or “haters” and sometimes you just point out the obvious. I think they’re in their feelings bc Nicki never hired them but then again I think there are millions of PR people who all think they know better, so what makes anyone think that they are so special? I’m pretty sure everything this blog knows is everything every single PR person in the business knows. Same way all these bloggers get salty once they realize that Nicki won’t recognize them ….

  8. I feel nothing for Nicki’s situation. She wants this man and she has him. Whatever the consequences, she better love them because it was her decision.

  9. Nicki moving like she is untouchable. Making random ignorant comments. She doesn’t act like someone who is hanging on a string with her support system. I’m sick of her!

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