July 1, 2022

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16 thoughts on “Celebrity Marriages In Trouble

  1. Poor Serena. She was constantly getting left and cheated on by men she really fell in love with & im sure seeing all the colorist and negative remarks made about her face, body, etc. by her own community didn’t help either. It’s already bad enough she had to be called ugly and manly by white people but to have black men say the same thing instead of defending her & her dudes cheating on her with women that didn’t look a thing like her had to take a toll. She probably got with that husband as a big F*** you to both black men and white people alike. “Black men Y’all don’t find me cute, trust white men do” or “whites women yall wanna call me ugly but I can pull one of your race’s men real quick.”

    As for Megan I honestly can’t remember the last time I seen her act I thought she didn’t do it anymore. Last role was probably think like a man or something like that where she was dating Chris brown in it and his character couldn’t remember her character name and kept messing it up hahaha

  2. Megan been acting since she was a child so I’m sure she’s devastated that her possessive jealous husband is causing her career to go stale.

  3. I miss the original Megan. Her husband does seems possessive. She probably does want children but she also wants to work too. She doesn’t want to just be his wife and mother of his children. But idk reminds me of jeanie situation a little. I hope she can get back to herself and revamp. She’s too good of an actress to just sit back and be a wife with no life.

  4. I hate this for Serena. I really do.

    I knew that dude Megan married is fraudulent and possessive. He LOOKS like it. I hope she can come back from this.

  5. I hope Serena gets out especially for their daughter’s sake
    Why aren’t ray j and princess up here unless the divorce is fake

    1. They are… just a love interest, not anything more. The one role she did have playing a detective got cut short…. So yeah, she just needs ro creat a clothing line or find another passion. One-dimensional acting isnt it.

  6. Serena needs to leave this dude. She’s too sexy for that mess. Megan should’ve been left her dude too. A pastor? Girl, come on.

  7. Nothing wrong with Serena’s exploiting other preferences… BM as a collective are not high earners and don’t value marriage or raising their own children.

  8. Chrissy T is thirsty, she’s unfunny and attention seeking as heck. She’s not attractive either face or body.

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