July 2, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets Megan Thee Stallion

  1. This sounds like a lot of drama…too much drama actually and Megan’s music is starting to sound repetitive (and she’s kind of annoying)…..I’m with Jermaine Dupri the stripper rap music is getting old…tired of everybody rapping about their pussy…. dressed like prostitutes and saying much of nothing. We have an influx of female rappers who apparently are lesbians on the low but still suck dick on the side, with no variety regarding style and subject matter.

    And Trey Songz and Drake are annoying as well. 🙄🤬

    1. I’m thought her name was three stallion. I’m sure she likes three big black cocks at one time one in each hole. Should be four stallion I’m sure her big wet pussy can handle tw

  2. How can Nicki be an immature brat and hater when she collaborated with Megan and also was featured in an article praising Megan. In the HGS video, Nicki looked like she genuinely liked Megan.

    1. If Nicki genuinely liked Megan she wouldn’t use her struggle against her no matter what I felt like that was mad low of nicki to do… I mean what if Megan starts rapping about Nicki’s husband how would she feel about it…?!

      I’m glad Megan laid low because all these drama only fucked up her career not help her. She was trying to link with everyone thinking everyone had the same intention as her.

  3. Funny how they all turn on Nicki once they get that collab which helps them A LOT whether ppl want to admit it or not, that Nicki co-sign catapults ppl on to the next level.
    Right right Nicki apparently doesn’t want anyone to win but keeps collabing with them and keeps praising them…
    If her mom was a blood sacrifice then it didn’t do much good because her album only sold like 100K first week? I honestly expected more… also more deals etc..
    Anyways I understand why Kylie don’t want anything to do with that, it was so much Drama about the fight and the shooting etc.

  4. In all fairness, I remember Cardi had gotten caught liking a shady comment about Meg’s dress at the 2019 BET Awards which was literally just a few weeks before the live, hence Meg shading Cardi.

  5. I like her music but she seem disloyal and trustworthy. The way she treated Nicki and her best friend speaks volumes about her character. You gotta watch people like Meg.

  6. She’s lying about Tory. And as a artist I’m over her she just came out and already ALL THIS DRAMA like girl please

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