July 2, 2022

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10 thoughts on “Hot Takes 10/13/2021

  1. Party of the year while covid still rampant in the USA. With 100K new cases a day…. Y’all funny as fuck.
    It’s not surprise that North west isn’t taking the separation well… she loves her parents- both of them. I really wish they could make it work but it is what it is, hope they get it together and co-parent as good as they can!!
    Hope Britney writes a “Tell- it all” book and exposes everyone. She deserves her freedom and her money. Run her a big fat check!!
    Megan been exposed by Juicy J and the song “Simon says” or whatever it was called. There was a reference track out. Do whatever you want with that information.

    If Nicki is trying to distract everyone, it’s not working now, is it?! Y’all have to realize that this is the law & feds and not some other weird scandal. Nicki can not speak about that victim bc she’s married to Kenneth. Kenneth has a protective order – which means he can not talk, mention or contact her directly (himself) or indirectly (third parties – eg. wifey)…

  2. I feel bad for North, it was tough for me when my parents separated. I remember Beyoncé saying that before her first solo BET award performance, she lifted her hands up to the sky and could feel something else taking over her. The same is happening with Chloe.

  3. Diplo is a piece of rubbish that need me to Be right back thrown in hell.

    Tyga has been trash and irrelevant

    That’s a crazy amount of money for Adele but who knows well have to wait and see.

    Chloe is only twitter hype

    Kim again attention seeking, jokes shouldn’t be offensive

  4. All I read was about North. Shes gonna run away and Kanye gonna pick her up and never look back. I promise that. Kim probably knows that, and is trying to figure her next move.

    Im damn sure living w my dad so these chicks can spoil me. Kim aint bringing a bunch of dudes around them kids.

    I hope they work it out anyway, because the bottomline is this – I saw love there. One of the few unions I can say that. 35 yr marriages crazier than bedbug. They have the magic for that.

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