May 22, 2022

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11 thoughts on “Pr Diaries Monday’s 10/11/2021

  1. I used to wonder who else could/would Bey be with besides jay but …. Usher makes a good match. I’d love to see her free herself from that prison she calls a marriage and blossom. Could you imagine the kind of woman she’d be if she dated Usher publicly?

  2. That Tea about Amber Rose and Scott is astounding meanwhile he’s sick about her and Travis we actually have no real idea the magnitude of the Damage that Scott has done to poor Kourtney’s heart 💔

  3. Ushers face is hilarious in that pic. He like your girl chose me dog what u mad at me for. I swear men can dish it but they sure can’t take it..suckas 😒🙄

  4. Beyoncé needs to be the kinda woman she portrays herself to be in her songs and dump camel lips. She has The Whole world in her hands. She doesn’t need him.

  5. I think the song was love in this club part 2, he and Usher sounded good together on that song. They always had great chemistry. I wish she was as bold as her songs, but she’s too hypnotized at this point.

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