July 1, 2022

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7 thoughts on “Industry Sunday’s Spilling Sugar On Everybody

  1. Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake seems a mismatch plus has he done her wrong she would have wrote an album about it…..Stacey Dash is 5x’s crazy and Eminem would’ve cut that off early then wrote a dis song about it….Mariah and Diddy (this must’ve been back in her Butterfly era) Two divas with massive egos…it wouldn’t work plus Mariah wasn’t putting up with Diddy’s shit…..Wasn’t Madonna’s dancer Oliver batting for the other team? Also isn’t it rumored that Zac Efron bats for the other team? Him and Britney would be a mismatch as well, Brits seems to like them a little more manly. Whitney and Michael I could see except Whitney was in love with Jermaine Jackson (read Robin’s book). Ashton Kutcher seemed like he would get on Pamela Anderson’s nerves after while and it would be written all over her face, plus she likes the rocker guys and grown men, Ashton now and then still seems immature, funny, but still immature and goofy.

  2. I can’t definitely tell their using the children, too many of these celebs are showing their kids and creating insta accounts when they should be protecting them instead. It’s really sad what they kids are probably going through

  3. Feel bad for those kids. I thought MJ and Whitney smashed before, no? Woulda been here for her being with him instead of crackhead Bobby

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