May 22, 2022

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13 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets Sza

  1. Every scorpio I have met personally has had a train ran on them. And they love to fuck. Thats wild . To each their own though. No judgement here. I had no idea she dated Isaiah, i just thought they were besties. Love him and her !

  2. I remember hearing that train rumor back in the day loool. And yeah def not all Scorpios get trains ran on them dafuq

  3. Oh Gawd, I just choked on my twizzler reading this!!! Who knew????? Definitely not me, although I suspected she has dealt with some depression or mental health challenges at times.

  4. She’s admitted to drawing extra freckles for performances/appearances.

    Stumbled upon her music from Soundcloud back in 2013. She’s changed a whole lot physically. I wonder what surgeries/procedures she has had. She only admits to changing her diet, pilates and developing celiac disease but there’s more to it.

    Miss her underground sound and look tbh. But if she likes it then that’s all that matters.

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