May 22, 2022

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17 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets Tuesdays 50 Cent

  1. He was deeply in love with Roselyn Sanchez but her team wouldn’t let her go public with him. That hurt him deep…that’s why Ghost/Angela….

    1. No you’re not because I didn’t even know they had a connection other than the fact that they’re form Queenz

  2. I’m surprised that his second son’s mother, daphnejoy is ok with being part of diddy’s harem. Diddy is known to be abusive and 50 really cares for their son, sire. I’m surprised at both of them knowing how it might affect their son tbh.

  3. Any connection to him and his show raising kanan? I read somewhere that his moms was DD. What the T on hurr?

  4. Why doesn’t Jay like 50cent? You explained why diddy doesn’t like him but what happened between him and Jay-Z?

  5. What’s with the grammar errors? How is 50 cent hated by two people in HIP HOP one being Jay Z and the other one 50 CENT ?!? How he hate hisself ? It’s one thing about the grammar but y’all missed the whole entire name of somebody ? Please correct it so we know who y’all even talking about…

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