May 22, 2022

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10 thoughts on “Olivia Rodrigo’s People was Told ” Make People Forget About Billie Eilish”

  1. I don’t believe she was just groped they definitely raped her her song Bad guy was number 1 for weeks they definitely got a piece of Billie, sad to say. I don’t blame Billie. Who the fuck wants to get molested and raped repeatedly by OLD ass white men forever just to be successful and rich. Plus that’s not enough they want you too sacrifice a family member ass well, making being raped not enough. it’s not worth it in the end because that shit will take a toll on your mental health and god forbid she ends up committing suicide from all that abuse she endured. If I was Billie I’d be happy to let Olivia take my spot, let her have fun being raped by the Elites.

    1. Exactly the trauma is too much, it kills you from the inside. Hence why the longer they’ve been in the industry the drunker, higher more depressed and suicidal they get. It’s really sad, I honk billie is now giving in though. Why they sexualise girls so much is beyond me, so disgusting. Pushing the pedo agenda

  2. it’s sad that both of these young women have to go through this. shame on olivia’s parents for basically selling their daughter like that. I hope billie and her family stay protected

  3. G, do independent artists with their own label have to go through being groped by a higher up? or is it only artists who are signed?

  4. This is all sad and disgusting.
    Olivia will never be the new Britney Spears, lmao. She’s so forgettable imo. All these little girls turn and burn only to end up traumatized for life. Ugh.

  5. That Olivia girl nothing special Billie can actually sing even before she went whisper sing the girl could sing. Olivia however nothing special. Her music will be forgotten about in 10 years time. Her songs aren’t memorable.

    1. I don’t even know any olivio songs, just the drivers license name but never heard it. Def forgettable and will be gone. I don’t know why they keep pushing young girls when they clearly don’t have the talent just their age which tends to attract these pedo men

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