May 22, 2022

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16 thoughts on “Hot Takes 10/5/2021

  1. why can’t there clout chasers leave the us the BARBZ alone like damn we know we are legendary and we run the female rap game.

    1. You don’t run anything, beloved. Nicki is the only legendary one in the whole equation. You are a fan. The audacity…

      1. Awww seems like i hit a nerve ENB083 you mad big mad doggie. I said what i said got a problem we’ll come and fight me

  2. Barbz are the most annoying fan base, I know it isnt all of them but damn.
    I hope Britney can enjoy her life.
    Summer’s baby daddy needs to hang it up, he already fucked that up. Go back to the ones who need you lol.
    I love little mix, I dont know why they have popped everywhere in the world but America… well, nevermind. We know why lol

  3. People always talk about the barbz but I see so many fanbases ACT OUT. Rihanna’s fans? Taylor swift’s? BTS fans? Cardi B fans? Beyoncé’s fans? They are all crazy… call it what it is… STAN CULTURE and stop crying about the barbz… it’s either all of them or none of them.

    1. Thank you!!! it’s popular to blame the barbs. The blogs was silent when drake fans try come up with fake dms about asap rocky to try to break rihanna up but if that was the barbs it will front page news

  4. Britney deserves the worldd ! God is in control <3
    Chanel Iman?? Noo!!!! I hope they can work it out 🙁
    The way AK went innnnn . I don’t doubt it at all.
    I am here for Adele going on Kelly!!! Yes!

  5. I can’t say I like when the hard core Stan fan bases are unnecessarily bullying but tbf if we didn’t have them Britney wouldnt be where she is right now. I can appreciate that there is good and bad to it. I get ya’ll Stan for your fav artists and sometimes it’s needed especially when the artist can’t speak out themselves but sometimes ya’ll do, do too much and forget that the people you are going for are humans too. It’s life I guess

  6. @Ncaseyoudidntknow
    Does this have something to do with Epstein’s flight list or r Kelly spilling the beans
    Is this why celebrities are leaving the country

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