July 2, 2022

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5 thoughts on “Pr Diaries Mondays Marilyn and The President

  1. I still firmly believe that Marilyn was in love with Kennedy and probably was floored he wouldn’t leave his wife for her when she was deemed the most beautiful woman on the planet. Had to have taken her down a few notches ego wise. I think she got so mad she threatened to spill tea on the Kennedy family and real shit that goes on behind the scenes in the presidential crowd and then JFK had to have her silenced. *What did B.O.B say? When they Wack you they label it overdose or aneurysm?*…. Like clockwork.

    Kennedy went and wacked her just to have the same people turn around and Wack him for whatever he was doing wrong & against their orders…Allegedly of course lol

    1. I saw a documentary when Marilyn Monroe’s friend told her not to spill the beans on the Kennedys. Actually, one of the female friends of Marilyn was asked to joining a threesome with at JFK. Marilyn told her, and she said the Kenndy said, “that is was for our country (America). Well, the friend responded, “F *** this country (America).” Another thing in the doc, Marilyn Monroe called the White House, and Jackie Kenndy picked up. Apparently, Marilyn was bragging about having Jackie’s life. Well, Jackie responded to the effect, ” You can have my life and my problems.” Jackie was supposed to leave JFK, but I think JFK’s dad offered her a million dollars (at least) not to divorce JFK because that would be bad for the press, and it may have proved that those affair rumors were true. Marilyn made a mistake like so many others who were going, telling the truth. She warned them what she was about to do. She should have just said it because at least she would have a chance to tell. That is one of the reasons why JFK was killed (allegedly). On Youtube years ago (Youtube scrubbed it off). I saw a clip where JFK was talking about revealing secret societies in a speech. That is one of the reasons why he was killed (allegedly). Also, I
      believed his death and the presidential era was a type of ritual to connect with Abraham Lincoln’s death and presidential era. Actually, I can not find the doc about Marilyn Monroe’s friend talking about her life. YouTube took that off too.

  2. Youtube scrubbed their website clean years ago kinda like how gossip sites scrubbed their comments sections the comments used to be where all the real tea got dropped all allegedly of course.

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