May 22, 2022

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23 thoughts on “Exclusive Shit

  1. Megan is 40. She don’t want kids right now, she means with him. She need to go on ahead and divorce Devon. Sounds like she’s over the marriage and I think she would be great on Power!

  2. 1. Megan needs to leave her husband. Who the hell marries a pastor if you’re in Hollywood? Girl. If he doesn’t have enough coin to retire you, what is the point? You know he’s going to have a problem with you working and doing the scenes you need to. I never trust super religious people, it’s all a facade for control.

    2. Nicki is a fucking idiot. She can’t shut up like she’s independently wealthy and doesn’t need additional bags. She’ll
    learn when she’s broke and Kenny leaves her for another light skinned, long haired chick. Those twitter likes don’t translate into coins.

    3. Russell needs to bring his ass back to America and face the music. I can’t believe his bullshit hasn’t gotten more media coverage. I died though when he returned to the public eye to get his money back from Kimora. He was motivated enough to say something then 🤣🤣

  3. Didn’t you say that Nicki’s vaccine comment was an industry ritual? And didn’t you say that Nicki was already blackballed in 2018? How is she getting blackballed AGAIN? Because you keep saying she’s blackballed but her song still charting on the Billboard 100 and she still has 37- 40mio monthly listeners on Spotify alone. Because at this point y’all keep saying she’s over but she’s still making headlines and always in everybody’s mouth.
    Funny how Cardi B can wish HIV to an innocent black woman and nothing happens but Nicki can breathe the wrong way and will get blackballed thrice.

    The only person I see getting all the commercial deals is Saweetie… because she’s marketable as fuck. And actually unproblematic. Megan does not have the IT factor, her debut album came and went and not one song which was memorable.

    1. sweetie is getting those deals because she isn’t spreading an agenda, open your eyes. There’s many women who are marketable with an actual fan base yet are not in so aren’t getting it.

      Nicki stories are always contradicting themselves, I think it was a ritual to keep that predator out.

    2. This blog say this type of stuff. Nicki could’ve turned down those deals because she didn’t want to do it now all of a sudden nicki don’t have say in her career lol its all bullshit

  4. It don’t matter what Nicki do or say….. she is and already been blackballed for years! They want her out the way for cardi. The facts will remain that cardi just don’t have it no matter how much they tell his she does! She did not rock those looks at fashion week, she don’t know how to model! Nicki one picture in draws and a bra looked better then all cardi pictures! Plus Nicki body now looks better! Nicki is being deactivated so let’s just call it what it is! That’s why she’s not getting booked! The other girls don’t compare in looks or talent.

  5. What about cardi with that demon looking lady with the rotten teeth? My god ! Let’s tell the truth and say that they are getting these bookings because they are doing those nasty rituals ‼️.

  6. Who cares whose doing rituals or girl is getting the back end of the industry period and I don’t like

  7. Why would Nikki think that her husband shit won’t hurt her?

    Did the victim story change? One minute she didn’t speak with Nikki but the next minute she did? Megan would have been great for Tasha or lakesha or Angela role.

    I thought now wow didn’t care. Lol. There is no bro code in Hollywood

    1. i don’t know why you take this BLOG word is bond as if this came out nicki own mouth these people know nothing

  8. Not them still trying to blackball one women for yearssssssssss. Makes no sense. At this point just let her be because she will be bowing out of the game soon enough.

  9. so you finally revealed the truth that’s why you head strong on reporting on false information about nicki because she turned you down to be her publicist years ago Gee now it all makes sense. These dummies eat your bullshit up

  10. Y’all haven’t been right about anything regarding Nicki yet. Other than the fact that she’s blackballed. Lmfao. Just stop reporting on her cause y’all just be saying shit to make Cardi look good.

  11. I read somewhere cardi is over music. How is she over something she barely started like tf. Lazy ass artist these days i tell ya!

  12. Y’all haven’t been getting Nicki stuff right since she got a new management. Just think piece of what comes in your brain???? How told you she blackballed from fashion week is she didn’t want to go that her problem and she won’t travel outside woth a new born.

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