May 22, 2022

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18 thoughts on “Decipher The Dark Side Aaliyah Photo

  1. The more that gets uncovered about Aaliyah the more it sounds like she started getting involved in some serious dark things that comes with the industry, and we know that those same things can sometimes backfire. Maybe all those evil energies came back to bite and it cost babygirl her life.

  2. It seems like Aaliyah was groom way before R Kelly. Her mom was grooming her from an even younger age by telling her she was sexy at age 10

  3. She looks very uncortmable in the last two pics.. The first and third pictures, the smile seems fake from Aaliyah. The only thing that surprised me is that she was told to put her hand between that lady’s legs. I looking at the picture, and her hand still on her knee and little bit on her leg. It is very funny, by funny mean suspicious, the recently a video by Blackground Record 2.0 put a video called Aaliyah Album Commercial (2021) – “It’s Been A Long Time”, instead of Try Again.
    I know Timberland remixed the song from a 80s rapper, which I cannot think of the name right now. It is like her death was setup since she was in the industry. I thought she was in the industry since 12 since she signed the record deal. Anyway, in the video when Aaliyah opens the vault, a fog appears, which looks like water. The reminds me of the Rock The Boat scene in the Bahamas, where Aaliyah is in a black dress ascending to the water, which also represents her death. Plus, the water looks like a sky in the video. At the end of the video a dove that represents Aaliyah ascending to the sky. Why not a eagle or snake, she had them in her video ans wore those types of shirts? Why not let the dove swoop going down a little bit into the sky then ascending? Would that fit more into Alistair Crawley’s dove picture which the dove is descending? I feel like Aaliyah was suppose to be sacrifice in the industry the minute she set foot in it.

    I feel the same way about Kurt Cobain, Selena Quintanilla, 2pac (I feel like the industry was going to get rid of Pac if he broke the oath or not), Biggie (they got rid of him after Pac, the industry uses him to beef with 2pac, then Pac died, they got rid of him), Aaliyah and Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez. These people where in their prime of their careers, and it makes no natural (physical realm) sense that these people died that young. They could have pushed the evil agendas more because they had major influence. Look at Whitney Houston, Micheal Jackson, Prince, George Micheals, Bowie, and other who are legends and pushed the evil agendas. They all had 20 or so plus years of careers.

    Now, I have this question about those who died on their prime. When they was doing witchcraft or signed a deal, did Satan see something in their spirit that he decided that it was best to use them, and them kill them off instead of letting them live long to finish pushing his agenda? All of these deaths (Kurt C, Selena Q, 2pac, Biggie, Aaliyah, and Left Eye) seems like their was very, very spiritually evil behind their deaths.

    Oh side note, speaking of Left Eye, it is said that Left Eye looks like she is disappearing on CrazySexyCool, because she was in rehab during the Era. I don’t feel like that was the case. It is like they knew Left Eye was going to be going to be killed.

    1. I never paid attention to Left Eye on the cover. But your right. Also isn’t there meaning behind red album covers?

  4. Oh G, why did Wendy Williams made that horrible Lifetime biopic about Aaliyah? That was an insult to Aaliyah and her legacy.

  5. It was rumored that Aaliyah was messing with Missy Elliott too and also Aliyah mom was f’n R Kelly as well.. to the anonymous person who commented above. Idk if you seen the Lisa left eye Lopez documentary but in the doc it seemed like Lisa left eye knew she was about to die. It was kinda eerie to watch I wish Aliyah was still here to see her career flourish she seemed like a sweet soul

    1. This is going to be a long reply. Please excuse the typos and graphical errors. I haven’t seen Left Eye doc for awhile, but I do remember the car scene. After Left Eye looked at that camera, you can tell she is not there physically no more. Her body is there, but mentally or spiritual (the latter is my opinion) is somewhere else.
      I think that was the problem for Satan with Aaliyah. Aaliyah had a good spirit it was very apparent. Satan tried to turn these people out, but he may not have been very successful with Aaliyah. Somthimes you can tell people who have a good or evil just remember something. As a matter of fact, Aaliyah wanted to do a gospel album. I found out I think about 2016. Aaliyah did an interview (article) explaining this.
      Marvin Winans just recently revealed that, and they had plans to met up but never died because she died. or
      Now, if Marvin did not recently revealed that, a lot of people would not have known that unless you may been in in industry of that time, in Aaliyah’s camp or circle, or someone like me who research heavily on the life of Aaliyah but looking at that article, which is now gone. Which happens to me a lot, but I still remember the interview articles. Out of all the articles I read that one and the article about the dream that Aaliyah had. The dream that someone were chasing her and she ascended to the sky. As a matter of fact, I think both articles were French interviews. I know the dream was one.

      As a matter of fact there is a connection to Princess Diana and Aaliyah. In Journey to the Past video, Aaliyah has scenes in Paris. In 1997, Anataisa movie was released. There were attempts on Princess Anataisa’s life in Paris. However, in real life, a Princess did died that year in Paris. That Princess was Diana. Aaliyah talked about her death in Paris without releasing it. Diana died on August 31 and Aaliyah’s funeral was August 31. August and July are big sacrifices months. I would like to now why. I instead understand the pagan holiday from Halloween to Valentines Day and the season solstices. But August and July have nothing in common with major pagan holidays or solstice months, but named after Roman emperors and thay were killed. Now back to Aaliyah and Princess Diana. Both are Princess by title, but are queens in the eyes and hearts of the people. Both have a name after Diana which represents Athens, and in pagan rituals Athena has big sacrifices. Also, in Journey in the Past, there are two Russian churches buildings (they look Russian up top). Those buildings looks reminds me of the Twin Towers 9/11.

      Someone did a videos on how the two Russian buildings, 9/11 and the helicopters in Romeo Must Die, but again those videos were removed. Like the person who put Aaliyah videos backwards. Now, if you listening Rock The Boat reversed you can understand what Aaliyah is saying. Actually, every. In We Need A Resolution (on Daily Motion) backwards towards the end of the video, you can heard Timberland saying to Aaliyah while she is dancing with the dragon shirt, “You playing with god”(I believe Timberland is talking about satan) to Aaliyah. In The Rock Boat backwards , Aaliyah says constantly says will not be pushed backwards and you (industry) can have Beyonce. Beyonce moved high up in industry rank after Aaliyah died. So did Jay-Z (also rose up after Biggie and Pac). There is another music executive who in a adult cartoon brings Aaliyah, Pac, and Biggie back to life from the dead like zombies, like mocking their deaths and making money off off their passing. I can understand Pac and Biggie has connection to him. But why bring Aaliyah to the mix, now I understand If it was Left Eye, but why Aaliyah in this scene. Can somebody explain the connection in this video :
      Now in her releases last video More Than A Woman backwards sounds like Aaliyah is saying I Don’t Wanna Go and I am not talking about the song.

      I feel that Left Eye and Aaliyah knew they were spititually troubled, but did not know what. Both of their image heavily with the one eye side (which both did interested Egyptian mythology), their deaths are not as celebrated in the media like 2pac, Selena Q, Biggie, Kurt Cobain etc, and both had tattoos of birds the represents them well. Aaliyah had the dove tat which means virtue and innocence. Lisa had the eagle tat which means strength and freedom. Also, they were both black women, and I don’t know if you know this, it seems like black female celebs get less celebrated in the media. Like Phyllis Hyman and Whitney Houston are not celebrated James Brown and Micheal Jackson. I see a connection to Whitney, Phyllis, Micheal, and James but I am not going there today. Anyway, back to Left Eye and Aaliyah, those birds tats represented them well. What did Aaliyah did in her last days? She wanted to do gospel with Marvin Winans who is famous in black gospel, well you associated gospel with a dove. Many of her fans would have flocked to gospel. There could have been a chance for young people getting saved by Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
      What Lisa did in her last days? She was going to reveal to the world about Dr. Sebi, who found cures from diseases by natural remedies (I do believe he found cures, especially in the black communities. That would help the world be free with some diseases. That would put the pharmacy business in a bad bind.

      If these two went forward with these plans, I believe that would have been their true purpose in life. Satan would have lost a lot of people spititually and people would have lived longer, which he does not want either. Yes, these people was in a demonic industry. However, that does not mean they could not be saved. God can turn any contract around because satan’s contacts are can be invalid on which God can deem, but it is up to that person to break the contract and turn to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. They have to declare to be saved in name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Then changed their lifestyles that is pleasing to God. These individuals could lose their lives, but you will lose you life anyway in the industry. However, hell and heaven is eternal . Why through hell on Earth and go to hell forever? It will be better to go through hell on Earth, then go to heaven so you suffering wi be finally over. Suffering on Earth is temporally, afterlife is forever. That is all I got for now.

      P.S. One more thing, I have an opinion on something. The celebs I meation who died in their prime, if they continue to live, (I forgot to include Eazy E). That Era of celeb saying premature that died from 1994 to 2002. The Era of 80s celebs died. I believe it started from Micheal Jackson to George Micheals. The recent Era of young male rappers dying. Remember this what I about to say in my opinion, when the Anti-Christ comes, it will be like the days of Enoch Methuselah, and Noah (now that is true). When the Anti-Christ teams up with the False Prophet and Satan (the unholy trinity) do not be surpise if we see other beings that look benevolent (but very evil) are introduced to human society worldwide. It will be like Genesis 6:4 KJV –
      There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

      Every mythology god or goddess is a demon, even when I was a really Lukewarm believer in Christ, ( I have gotten more of the hot side Jesus Christ of Nazareth, on holy fire for Christ), I read these books. I read that these false gods in mythology books were demons or the fallen angels. I have always had this opinion, and this I do believe. When Satan comes, do not be surprises if the masses see a lot of celebs or important persons deaths. Much more deaths than ever before. When the creatures come to life, they would be worship again publicly like the days of old. If anyone famous or well known who has has these satanic contracts, if any humans cannot fit in the mark of the beast Era agenda, Satan will collect he souls whatever your status on your contracts. Does not matter if you have the agreement is fulfilled or not. That is the end of my opinion, the rest is truth. It is better to give up your life for Christ, this is not only for the celebs but to everyone. In the tribulations at a point, everyone is going to have to make decisions to die for Christ or bow to Satan. I do not know why I am saying this but maybe someone needs to hear this, this could be your last spiritual warning. Give your everything (life, body, soul, mind, etc) to The true living God, that Father of Jesus Christ on Nazareth, the one who gave us the Holy Spirit as a guide to in life. The industry is getting darker and it may get do dark they may not need humans but evil creatures to fulfill satan’s last attempt to defeat God, he will fail but he is crazy enough to do it. God created hell for Satan and his rebellion army, not for humans. God wants humans in his kingdom to be with him. I always believe that God has more plans after The Day of the Lord judgements (great for those who are saved not so great for those who aren’t).

  6. This all makes sense now looking back…I never liked that Queen movie always creeped me out. No wonder it was a ritual.

    Keep the juice coming!

  7. Biggie rapped about the first twin towers bombing. The elites planned the twin towers destructions to start the new world. Biggie and 2Pac are Gemini (twins) both died. Elite used them to “usher” in more evil? 🤔 biggie and 2Pac twin flames?

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