May 22, 2022

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17 thoughts on “Hot Takes 9/28/2021

  1. Being quiet and mysterious was the best thing Bey decided to do because the things she used to say ….. Chile.

    1. B started to only use he pro black stuff when it benefitted her. She also went harder when she had blue and she got bullied online.

  2. Let’s see… Chili and Chris Kelly were both produced by Jermaine Dupri who is a frequent collaborator with Usher whom Chili dated…Usher was signed by LA Reid to Laface and whom “allegedly” Chili was to have also slept with…. LA Reid and Babyface worked with Karen White whom was alleged to have messed around with Babyface while married to Terry Lewis whom along with Jimmy Jam were members of The Time a band that was employed by Prince and whom Chili also was “alleged” to have slept with…to take it a step further Devante Swing (a member of Jodeci along with his brother Dalvin who dated Tboz of TLC) ran away from home to meet Prince who turned him away… what do Devante and Prince have in common? Allegedly Chili…. (Heard the Chili and Devante rumor way back in 1993)

    Circling back to Jodeci… group member Kci famously dated Mary J Blige who was alleged to have had a fling with Tupac while dating Kci who also sung hooks for Tupac….

    Meanwhile Tupac was to have had a fling or feelings or something with Left Eye who burned down Andre Rison’s house due to him possibly creeping with Pepa from Salt n Pepa….Pepa who was married to Treach whom was to have fooled around with Left Eye even though Treach was also good friends with Tupac who smashed Sally Richardson….Sally was said to have had a threesome with Jada and Will Smith who back in the day had a thing for Pepa but she thought he was corny….

    Will ended up marrying Jada Pinkett whom prior to Will was alleged to have been with Debbie Allen and Jasmine Guy while on A Different World…Jada was best friends with Tupac Shakur (who also guest starred on A Different World) who also was smashing Jasmine Guy….Jada once dated Grant Hill who married Tamia who worked with Jermaine Dupri on her first album and Jermaine Dupri also discovered Chris Kelly which the two along with Chris Smith of Kris Kross had a guest role on A Different World…

    So Chili’s coochie has mileage
    A Different World was basically an orgy
    And everybody in the 90’s fucked each other
    Welcome to Hollywood…. 😂

    Let me know if I missed something lol

  3. Hasn’t the industry said Nicki been finished for like…. 4 years now? So when is she finished? Didn’t they send out a MEMO according to you in 2017/18 telling everyone not to support her?
    Irving said it in 2018 and then took it back bc he signed her and now he’s saying it again…
    Billy Cyrus may be on her neck but Nicki still sells more music than Miley so where do we go from here?

  4. the pro black b stuff truly was for $. Didn’t she also say she wished she’d been born Latino at a stage as well?

  5. Giselle is pro black for $$$. Outside of that she believes she’s “exotic”. 🙄

    Does the Nicki bit has to do with Miley “crashing” Meg’s set at the festival? Low key stamp of approval vs Nicki? 🤔😂

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