May 22, 2022

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46 thoughts on “Exclusive She Told Her Man “She Would Fuck Drake” If he didn’t Shape up

  1. I mean, fucking Drake ain’t the flex people think it is. He’ll fuck anyone. Marrying him would be a flex though.

  2. Fucking Drake not even a Flex especially when this nigga will fuck anybody that guy a bbl body and pussy. Hence why Nicki never gonna allow him to fuck. That’s where Drake fucked up he could’ve gotten even one night with Nicki had he toned down the playboy act and changed but he still acts immature and reckless.

    1. Giselle or Rih.
      Can’t be Kim cause Kanye NEVER acts right so that means she already sat on it..Kiki?

  3. Can’t be Cardi, Drake would never fuck Cardi off the fact he close with the Migos. That’s extra grimy. Especially when Cardi married to Offset and got kids with him. Ok Kim K I can believe, but Drake not gonna wife her though he not trynna be attached to that cursed family especially knowing what they do to their men. He gonna fuck and then leave it at that he won’t date much less marry Kim publicity.

  4. Is this female married to her man or not because it would cut down the list and hell the guys have been cutting up lately so it could be anyone 😂🤣😂🤣

  5. Bey or Kim or cardi. Everybody knows rih can fuc- him when she wants including rocky so she wouldn’t need to say it ( I also think rocky been faithful)

  6. Is it Princess because didn’t she go to Drake birthday and she spent the night there. Teairra exposed her to ray j and that’s how he found out. Must be Princess

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