May 22, 2022

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10 thoughts on “Industry Sundays Spilling Tea on Everybody

  1. I get that Megan is the it girl right now but I’m surprised more artists ain’t rushing to Collab with Doja like they rushing to Collab with her. Like Doja has so much creativity, it would be dope to see her and rih on a record cause they both have an eye for things out of the ordinary.

    Rocky has always shown drake love and respect but he also has deep feelings for rih and he is a grown man at the end of the day, who’s gonna do what he wants. He’s not gonna cave and hand his girl over just to please drake, and on top of that it is not his fault that drake didn’t do right when he had his chance. Drake has taken an ego blow with all this and That’s probably why he isn’t happy with Rocky at the moment cause like I’ve said Rihanna was supposed to clean up drake image and help the world forget drake knocked up Sophie. Nobody can tell me that wasn’t part of drake’s plan.

    Rocky stood in the way of that and that’s why drake is frustrated. Sprinkle in the fact that Rocky also smashed Sophie around the time she got pregnant for drake and that’s more of an ego blow just as a man I’m sure. Drake done made amends with dudes over far worst, I’m sure this ain’t the end all be all.

  2. Its too much going on with these people

    Drake can’t fathom Rocky almost being his son dad. Rocky always been cool in my book. Him and Rihanna are good

    Will just do it. Jada have been doing too much

    When tf are these artist gone have their own music. All these collabs is really lazy asf

    I do think Miami will eventually be cool again with kodak. Caresha Brownlee….🤣

  3. Rocky needs to just let it go. You with Rhianna and whatever. Pay Drake no mind. It’s not like Drake and Rhianna have had the best friendship after the break up. It’s a awkward situation. So why does he(Rocky) care. I never understand these ppl wanting to be cool with men and women who have seen their partners coochies and peers.

    Kodak gives serial killer vibes. Caresha better be careful.

    Yes, Will and Jada need to end the toxicity that they call a “marriage.”

  4. Jay is an idiot for not cultivating his relationship w/Rihanna. Music wise his wife isn’t giving what she’s supposed to & hasnt for a long time. It’s all hype then it disappears

    He should’ve worked harder to mend things w/Rihanna bc he literally has an artist @ RN that’s a billionaire that wants nothing to do w/him & now it’s Jay piggy backing off of Rih’s connections or these collaborative charitable efforts for the Rih publicity

    Rih should collab w/Doja Cat or Cardi B. A MTS collab is just going to get Beyoncé comparisons so I’d rather her not

    Rihanna is basically exclusive w/Jay Brown now since the Anti leak. I would love another music collaboration w/them bc it’s always an instant hit but I’m sure his wife would never allow it

    I’ll be glad when this thing w/ASAP ends. It’s not giving what it’s supposed to & is looking more like an extended stunt similar to the one w/Travis Scott only for Rihanna to be w/the man she really wants by the time the new album & tour comes

    Drake was right, Rihanna DOES look miserable

    It’s bad enough Rihanna won’t leaves these industry dudes alone, but she’s literally messing w/the men in the same friend group who have fought & slut shamed her in the past

    I’m actually surprised Shaq hasn’t given a sacrifice I thought his father or stepfather was one?

    I wonder also what LeBrons will be?

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