May 22, 2022

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22 thoughts on “Dark Arts Tea Which Celebrities Practice Witchcraft

  1. 🤣🤦🏾‍♀️ where is your sage?? Wouldn’t that be in the “witchcraft” genre tbh you’d be better off burning palo Santo and frankincense to cleanse and protect

  2. I just want to point out that the actual practices of these different versions of spirituality are not inherently evil or bad. People will and have taken thing and put their selfish and egotistical energy on it and then we have this crazy shit here that these nutty celebs are doing. What’s crazy is how they really don’t realize that they will be enslaved for eons because of the bs they are doing now.

    1. No it is what you make it If you use it for bad intentions then it’s bad just like anything else. If you have a gun and you use it for self defense only then it’s fine but if you buy a gun to go around murdering people then it isn’t Just like medication if you use it to take away your pain it’s good if you use it to get high then it’s not Witchcraft is the same thing these people use it for demonic reasons so it’s demonic

  3. I’m gonna guess ari valentine is Ponytail, Lourdes royals is the chick Billie Ellis replaced, I don’t know who Ms.Paul is, and we know Selena Lopez is from the block lol

  4. One us Lady Gaga because she definitely was possessed, said on a late night show “I swear to Satan” like normal people would say I swear to God.

  5. When you say getting “rode” what exactly does that mean? Like sex or these entities are scaring her by popping up at her at night.

  6. I know that you’re sharing info. But I’ve been reading and learning occult. After learning something im having a hard time wrapping MY head around it. See Occult which means hidden teaches pretty much the universal law and that energies are inside of you. Have you’ve heard of bobby hemmitt or bro. Panic? That’s who I’ve been listening to

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