May 22, 2022

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21 thoughts on “Season 12 The Backstory of The Beef Between Rihanna and Kendall Jenner

  1. Well we dont have to give them dap. They are culture vultures. And she systematically took them on. She was madder than Hades to pull it off. But she did, now didnt she? Lol

  2. They are culture vultures however, Rih ain’t got that much talent her damn self. She fuck the right execs to get her where she is. Come off your high horse because I remember people calling her a Beyoncé knock off in the beginning of her career.

    1. Fucks the right execs? Y’all love putting that on rih like women in general especially in Hollywood ain’t forced to smash men to advance their careers. Hell She was a whole minor being preyed on by grown man and forced to sleep with them if she didn’t wanna go back to poverty in Barbados. When it’s Rihanna it’s a problem but when it’s one of your faves y’all sweep it under the rug or y’all act like your fave the only one who ain’t sleep with someone to get somewhere.

      Y’all also love to call her talentless cause y’all wanna focus on her music career that y’all say she didn’t deserve cause she can’t sing, but rih wouldn’t have the hits she has if she didn’t have an ear for music nor would she be the fashion icon she is if she didn’t have an eye for fashion. She wouldn’t have changed the makeup industry if she didn’t have an eye for it but y’all go blind to those accomplishments to hate. She worth 1.3 billion for a reason so do the math. She was clearly destined to be a dope business woman, music was just the stepping stone.

      1. Everything you said! Rihanna is that chick. I’d take her career over all the others in a heartbeat.

  3. This article bias asf
    So you’re obviously siding with the jenners and kardashians lmfao let’s skip over them coping Rihanna’s every move, clout chasing by linking their names with hers through rumors and media lies. No one just has a problem with someone for entirely no reason and it obvious no one knows why the reason is besides exes and common friends?
    If that’s the case rih wouldn’t be seen with jhene, cmilian, Mary j blige, remy ma, foxy brown, and Nicki Minaj plus more… smh ijs

  4. Chris was clearly the one ex That always would get rih in her feelings no matter how many years passed by. Chris and Kendall used to hang out constantly around 2014 and that was a year after him and rih broke up so she probably was still in her feelings over him. Not even drake could distract her at that time lol. And didn’t freaky Friday come out in 2019? She was still with the billionaire and still felt a way about Kendall and Chris lol

  5. Well if Rhianna has shaded and paid her dust, why does Kendall and Kris keep trying reach out to her. It’s clear she doesn’t like you. It’s not like Kendall is hurting for a co sign or anything. Just leave Rhianna alone. The day I go begging for a friendship or association with someone, it will be a cold azz day in hell.

  6. No the talentless comments from the Beyoncé fans.
    Rihanna’s voice is what makes her hits the hits they are.
    How Rihanna feels a song when she sings it, connects you the song.
    Not every singer has to sound like a church singer.
    So because some weird newspapers said “she was next the new Beyoncé” you gonna put it on her? She was a young 15/16 year old child when she was first found and then signed and moved to a whole new country.
    Rihanna just had that special it factor and her voice is very, very easy to listen to and enjoy…so why is she the only one y’all constantly try to push that fuck** her way to the top on?
    She was nearly dropped twice and until SHE took charge and went after umbrella etc and changed her musical direction and style (despite la Reid and jayz telling her not to)she wouldn’t of made it…not due to some music ex.
    She never wanted to be bey and has never tried to be!
    This pushing hate on Riri recently is ridiculous. First she’s never like Kendal, then she dropped her from savagexfenty ( make up ya mind) it isn’t adding up atp.

    1. Y’all also tried to say she removed Chile singing opera at savage Fenty.. when she was never there and it was Rihanna’s old backup singer being given the spotlight. Who is paying y’all to push these stories on Rihanna??

  7. I agree with Rihanna and a lot of black men don’t give a damn about culture Vultures from non black women. It only matters when it happens to the black man. The white Rihanna my ass!!! Chris is the same mf who didn’t want darkskin girls in the club. Asap said darkskin girls don’t look good in red lipstick. 😒 Only a few black people have loyalty to their on race and would never disrespect a black woman at all.

  8. This was good but who really cares. Kendall don’t even be in the spotlight unless it’s a fashion show or magazine cover. Rihanna is just that bihhh. So who was bitch better have my money really about.

  9. Rih needs to leave these industry dudes alone. Chris Brown, ASAP Rocky & even Drake are not worth you being petty w/reality stars or hiring models after Drake shouts them out.

    Rihanna should want better. She’s still moving like it’s 2014 & needs to take her personal life as serious as she takes her beauty & fashion empire that has her reach billionaire status.

    Stop freely allowing bums to have access to her. It’s not cute.

    Most of the Kardashian’s have all messed s/or have children w/Rih’s exes & former flings so why put yourself through unnecessary drama?

    Also when will this thing w/ASAP end? If you can’t even book a 2-big strip club bc ppl don’t want to buy tickets to see you, what is this worth exactly?

  10. Rihanna can’t sing, it’s true. So her talking about who’s talentless is funny. LOL. And i can see G’s bias because um, Rih has no REAL reason to dislike any Kardashian. They did nothing to her.

    1. Can Kendall sing? Or any sing? You must be new to this because they’ve shaded and done a lot to her over the years. Rihanna has Plenty of talent both musically and in fashion and beauty market. Go sit and learn facts ma’am or sir

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