May 22, 2022

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19 thoughts on “Heaven Knows Everything

    1. It’s fucked up ! 😞… That man was too young for her . I couldn’t see them together. I wish her nothing but peace

  1. Chloe Bailey mindswell stop being in denial with herself. She just gotta embrace this is the life and industry she grew up in. She gone do good but heyyy

  2. I’m still trying to figure out in what world is Christina Milian A List??… I can’t stop 😆…

    Amber is getting older. You can see it in her face… Her thotting wouldn’t be a big deal anymore because we’ve all seen it. She’s not the draw she may think she is…

  3. Chloe is talented fine and thick, so it don’t surprise me that these guys wanna date her. Another Drake and J Cole collaboration has been way overdue 🔥

  4. How do you know Nicki was performing for fenty???? She could’ve stopped by and said hello to RIRI nothing to do with business. Y’all just assumed she performing cause of the pic with no confirmation. 🥴🥴

  5. That was a lot of tea. I hope kelly price is safe. I can’t believe sweetie has all these deals. She is pulling deals that veteran rappers don’t get. Is christina Milan A-list? I’m not surprised to hear about nickolean men. Chloe is selling sex so I’m not surprised that older men what to get with her

  6. Amber is in her 30’s with two kids, she looks washed as hell trying so hard to show she’s back to the hoe is life. Especially there’s new younger hoes she better choose a different way to heal.

  7. That’s sad for kelly price, I hope she’s found safe, black women really need to have laws in place for them because their missing and murder rate isn’t too high. It’s the real pandemic.

  8. nickelodeon is foul, men should never be allowed to work near children, why are these predators still hired? This infuriates me.

    I’m actually scared for chloe, she’s being pimped, she’ll be sold to the highest bidder and she’s so young.

  9. Bia commented on Twitter and went live and thanked nicki and Rihanna and said “she was booked solo a few months ago and nicki wasn’t there to perform”

  10. Nicki wasn’t a confirmed performer. Those pics look like Bia or someone in the show or performing & Nicki showed up for the photo op & knew it would get attention bc it’s Rihanna

    Rihanna should know better though. She’s been very careless w/some of these industry ppl especially ones who’ve said & done the worst to her

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