May 22, 2022

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16 thoughts on “Hot Takes 9/24/2021

  1. Well as far as Adrienne correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t she take that man from his wife. Welp if so then, karma

  2. I know Adrianne isn’t talking about her husband. The one who cheated and left his wife her….

    Tory might be striking a deal because of his restraining order violation.

  3. Congratulations to Kash Doll!
    Nicki and Mulatto would be FIRE!
    I think Wendy is about to transition. NOT speaking it on her but I get a weird feeling about her.

    Why were Nicki and Chloe removed?
    Normani can’t catch a break
    Oh Adrienne….you do remember how you got him, right???

  4. The choreographer for normani didn’t say the performance was a mess. He basically said that all the plans they had fell through. They could not implement all of their ideas that they had because they only had a week to prepare. The screen content failed, photo shoots cancelled, wardrobe malfunctions etc. Even though all
    This happened I still think she had a great performance.

    1. They tried to sabotage Normani but she did amazing and was the best performance of the night. I hope she keeps pushing, she’ll rise from this mess.

  5. It was never chole.. her back up singer ( yes she does look like chole a lil) Was always doing it. It’s been announced for weeks.

  6. Ian this adriennes current husband or some ex? I didn’t know he was cheating but wow.

    I don’t trust Madonna why is he always every where with everyone; so weird.

    Chloe will not be missed anyways

  7. Is the guy Tracy the baby daddy to Kash Doll Lil bundle? Who else pregnant is JT? I’ve read it’s 3 of them…. Them as in female rappers preggo…..

  8. It really seemed as though Janet was in love with JD. They were an odd looking couple though. Jason looks like the most annoying boyfriend 😂

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