July 4, 2022

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16 thoughts on “Exclusive !! Rihanna Shuns Kendall Jenner For Her Fenty X Savage Show

  1. Riri never effed with the Kardashian/Jenners….Kendall effed CB, Khloe effed Matt Kemp and Kylie ended up with Travis Scott. All men that RI was in a relationship with- They are some interfering slumming throwback slots. SHE probably never cared for none of them! 🤷🏾‍♀️

  2. I think you posted something about Chris and Kendall during the first fee seasons of ICYDK. I think was season 4 or something 🤔 I’m not new to this blog, I’m true to it 😆

  3. Not shocked about this one. Rih aint never liked Kendall. I remember when Ken tweeted something like “If Rih doesnt perform complicated at her show tonight I’m gonna be upset” and then Rih replied “then dont come” 💀💀. This was like 10 years ago too so she BEEN not like her. Can’t wait for the full story

  4. Rih has never liked any of the Kardashian’s really but especially Kendall. No surprise though the jenners have bit her style the most and Kendall has had rih sloppy seconds multiple times. It started with Chris who had a thing with Kendall, but now that rih is with Rocky on a serious note & Rocky also had a thing with Kendall you know she forever gonna have an issue with her. Kinda like how kylie has tried to/ and maybe even did have drake after wanting him for many years.

  5. Clout chasing and media created lies
    Kendall wasn’t in the last two savage shows so why would this one matter? People won’t let rih be great without trying to attach themselves to her brand and her name.
    There is no story here, rih dont fuck with them PERIOD’T
    Rihanna is in her own lane.
    First a rumor about her with ye,
    now people want to make it seem like Kendall and rih beefing?
    Anything for a headline smh. And I bet blogs are being paid to run this bs just to dim rihs show
    Rihanna is making historih,
    let her shine damnnnnn

  6. Why all these lies about Rihanna keep appearing on every blog?
    If they never got on why would she suddenly add her now? This one ain’t adding up.

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